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Arnaert, A., Di Feo, M., Wagner, M., Primeau, G., Aubé, T., Constantinescu, A., Lavoie-Tremblay, M. (2022). Nurse Preceptors’ Experiences of an Online Strength-Based Nursing Course in Clinical Teaching. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. Advance online publication. doi: (Access PDF here)

Gottlieb, L.N., Gottlieb, B., & Bitzas, V. (2021). Creating Empowering Conditions for Nurses with Workplace Autonomy and Agency: How Healthcare Leaders Could be Guided by Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership (SBNH-L). The Journal of Healthcare Leadership, 2021:13, 169-181. (Access PDF here)

Gottlieb, L.N. & Gottlieb, B. (2017). Strengths-Based Nursing: A process for implementing a philosophy into practice. Journal of Family Nursing, 23, 319-340. (Access PDF here)

Gottlieb, L.N. & Ponzoni, N. (2015). Strengths-Based Nursing: A value driven approach to practice. (Chapter 4: 44-59). Found in J. J. Fitzpatrick and A.L. Whall. Conceptual Models of Nursing: Analysis and application: Global perspectives (5th Edition). New York, NY: Pearson Publisher.

Gottlieb, L.N. (2014). Strengths-Based Nursing: A holistic approach to care, grounded in eight core values. American Journal of Nursing, 114(8), 24-32. (Access PDF here)

Gottlieb, L. N. & Benner, P. (2013). Strengths-Based Nursing: Moving beyond deficits in nursing practice and nursing education. Educating Nurses Newsletter. Retrieved from

Gottlieb, L.N., Gottlieb, B. & Shamian, J. (2012). Principles of Strengths-Based Nursing leadership for Strengths-Based Nursing care: A new paradigm for nursing and healthcare for the 21st century. Journal of Nursing Leadership, 25(2), 35-46. (Access PDF here)


SBNH - Partnership Grant

Durrant, M., Gottlieb, L.N., & Hubley, P. (2022). Influencing Work Culture: A Strengths-Based Nursing Leadership and Management Education Program. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 35(1), 24-37. doi: 

Castiglione, S. & Lavoie-Tremblay, M. (2021). An integrative review of organizational barriers and facilitators to large-scale transformations in healthcare. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 51(5), 264-270. (Access issue here, by subscription)



Gottlieb, L.N. (2022). Les soins infirmiers fondés sur les forces - version abrégée. Montréal, QC: Pearson ERPI. (Purchase this book here, digital version only)

Gottlieb, L. N. (2013). Strengths-Based Nursing care: Health and healing for person and family. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co. (Purchase this book here)



Lapierre, J. & Philibert, L. Ressources en français sur l’approche de Soins fondés sur les forces. Formation à l’approche de soins fondés sur les forces et déploiement d’une communauté de pratique (CVP) au Burkina Faso: Transformer la relation soignante et gagner la confiance des familles par l’humilité, la compassion et le partage du pouvoir. (FileResources Burkina Faso - Présentation powerpoint avec vidéos de formation).



Gottlieb, L. Smith, L., Chevrier, A., Ballantyne, M., Hubley, P., Clausen, C., Renoud-Grenier, V., Lavoie-Tremblay, M., & Lapierre, J. (2020, March 6-7). Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare: Re-envisioning Nursing, Breaking Down Barriers, Empowering Nurses, Clients/Patients/Families [Conference session]. 5th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference, London, UK.
PDF icon(Access symposium presentation PDF here)

Mastroberardino, M., Boies, K., Fréchette, J., Lavoie-Tremblay, M., Clausen, C., Manning, K., & Gottlieb, L. (2022, May 3). Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership: An Approach to Minimize Burnout Rates. International Leadership Association Healthcare Leadership Conference, Virtual. 

PDF iconAccess the poster here


Capstone Change Projects, Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program, Cohort 1, 2021-2022



Gottlieb, L. & Gottlieb, B. (2020, March 6-7). Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare [Poster presentation]. 5th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference, London, UK.
PDF icon(Access conference poster PDF here)



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