Key Components of the SBNH Leadership Program

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The Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program is an innovative online program providing a unique opportunity for leaders to deepen their knowledge of leadership and management principles through a Strengths-Based approach, to enable them to create healthy and productive work environments for point-of-care providers.

3 Key Elements 

Our innovative and unique SBNH Leadership program contains three components:

  1. Story-Sharing Materials
    Innovative, multi-media teaching materials for story-sharing to be used in the SBNH Leadership Program
  2. 12-Module Course
    12-module course that integrates the best practice of healthcare with a SBNH Leadership approach. 
  3. Mentorship 
     Six month mentorship program to ensure implementation and sustainability of training content and the SBNH Leadership approach. Participants will have an opportunity to consolidate their learning and to deepen their understanding of how challenges can be guided by the SBNH Leadership approach.

1. Story-Sharing Materials

The SBNH Leadership Program creators use story-sharing, a new methodology for collecting and developing teaching materials. Stories have been found to be an effective pedagogical method to facilitate “deep learning,” that educates for flexible and adaptive thinking as well as critical thinking and reasoning. Using stories in pedagogy can facilitate engagement and engender curiosity, compassion, courage, openness, imagination, and sensitivity to another person’s life-worlds and experiences.

To capture these stories, a team of photojournalists and video editors were embedded at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital during the Partnership Development Grant in 2017. The ethnographic materials they captured form the basis of the story-sharing learning materials developed and incorporated into the SBNH Leadership Program. The program developers also created a curated catalogue of resources from news media, documentary film, photojournalism, and other media sources to be integrated into the program.

The SBNH Leadership Program's faculty and mentors use the materials to illustrate key issues, stimulate discussion, and to trigger further story-sharing among the training participants to encourage reflexivity, deepen their understanding of core concepts, and enhance co-learning from each other’s experiences.

2. 12-Module Course

The SBNH Leadership Program provides six days of online content delivery and includes preliminary pre-reading materials, post-workshop reflections and application exercises to fully engage learners through experiential activities. The program integrates story-sharing, interactive reflective practice activities, case studies, and small group learning to facilitate uptake and application of core concepts.

The SBNH Leadership Program is composed of three segments, each composed of 4 modules, for a total of 12 modules. Each segment is taught over two days, with approximately 2 modules covered each day.

3. Mentorship

The SBNH Leadership Program includes an intense mentorship experience for program participants. Participants are matched with mentors who guide them through the learning process and the application of newly acquired SBNH Leadership concepts, principles, values, and skills into their day-to-day leadership and management practices.

Mentorship is an integral component of the training program as it is necessary to advance the application of core concepts to leadership practice. The mentorship program is designed to ensure that SBNH concepts, principles, and values become a way of being for training participants: an embodied way of leading and managing in a wide array of situations.



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