Research themes are linked below with recent publications.

Temporal coordination in performance

What are the temporal mechanisms that allow people to plan and produce upcoming events? Palmer et al, 2009; Loehr et al, 2011; Loehr & Palmer, 2011; Maes et al, 2015.

Deficits in coordination

How do beat-deaf individuals coordinate movement with sound? Phillips-Silver et al, 2011; Palmer et al 2014; Mathias et al, 2016.

Joint performance

How do people coordinate their behaviour with a partner? Goebl & Palmer, 2009; Loehr & Palmer, 2011; Palmer & Loehr, 2013; Zamm et al, 2015; Zamm et al, 2016; Schultz et al, 2016; Demos et al, 2017.

Sensory feedback in performance

How does sensory (auditory, tactile, visual) information influence actions in real time? Goebl & Palmer, 2008; Loehr & Palmer, 2009; Pfordresher et al, 2011.

Imagery in performance

How do auditory and motor imagery affect performance? Brown & Palmer, 2012; Brown & Palmer, 2013; Palmer, 2015.

Memory retrieval in performance

How does memory retrieval and item selection occur during performance? Palmer & Pfordresher, 2003Pfordresher et al, 2007; Palmer et al, 2012; Mathias et al, 2015; Van Hedger et al, 2015; Gingras et al, 2016.

Motion capture of action planning

How do performers and speakers prepare and execute actions? Palmer et al, 2009; Dalla Bella & Palmer, 2011Goebl & Palmer, 2013; Livingstone & Palmer, 2016.

Neural correlates of sequencing

How do fmri and electrophysiological measures reflect performers' sequencing behaviors? Palmer et al, 2009; Brown et al, 2013; Mathias et al, 2015; Mathias et al, 2016.

Emotional expression in performance

How do performers and speakers express emotion through movement? Livingstone et al, 2015; Quinto et al, 2014.

Prosody in music and speech

Which aspects of music performance constitute a prosody? Which are shared with speech prosody? Palmer & Hutchins, 2006; Lidji et al, 2011; Pivneva, 2012.

Research summaries

For reviews of music performance, see Palmer, 1997; Palmer, 2005; Palmer, 2013; Maes et al, 2014.

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