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Listeners (with and without musical experience) as well as performing musicians can participate in experiments in the Sequence Production Lab for a small honorarium. Experiments usually last less than one hour; the tasks usually involve performing or listening to short musical passages. Participants' anonymity is preserved.

Current Experiment: Neural Correlates of Musical Synchronization

We are seeking musicians 18-35 years old to tap familiar melodies while brain activity is recorded using electroencephalography (EEG). You will wear a cap that measures scalp activity while you tap with music. The experiment takes about 2.5 hours and is scheduled at your convenience. Participants should have normal hearing, be free from neurological or psychiatric disorders, and not be taking medication affecting the central nervous system. Musicians should have at least 5 years of private musical instruction. Participants will receive $5 for the first part (20 minutes) and $30 for the second part (130 minutes) of the experiment during the single visit. 

To participate, email synch.spl (at) to reach Rebecca Scheurich (Principal Investigator). This project is under the supervision of Prof Caroline Palmer, Dept of Psychology, N6/3 Stewart Biology Bldg.


spllab.mcgill (at)


Sequence Production Lab (SPL)
McGill University
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