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The Arts Internship course will provide a vehicle for allowing students who pursue approved internships to gain up to 3 credits towards their degrees. 

Arts Internships allow students in the Faculty of Arts to gain experience in areas relevant to their fields of study. Arts internships involve a minimum of 150 hours of work in a host institution approved by the student's home department or program.

Eligibility Requirements

The Arts Internship is only open to U2 and U3 students in satisfactory academic standing, who have completed at least 30 credits of a 90 credit program or 45 credits of a 96 to 120 credit program. A minimum CGPA of 2.7 and permission from the departmental Internship Advisor are required. This course will normally not fulfill program requirements for seminar or 400-level courses. Arts internships involve a minimum of 150 hours of work, normally over a period of 8-12 weeks during the summer, in a host institution approved by the Arts Internship Office.

Work to be Completed

Students must submit the following documentation:

  1. A 1 Page Outline is required before beginning the internship. It should describe what the student will be working on during the internship and what the student expects to learn from the experience. 
  2. The student is expected to take notes daily while participating at the internship.
  3. A letter from the Internship Supervisor at the organization where the student is interning attesting to the completion of the Internship work.
  4. A 10 page reflection paper that discusses your experience while working at the internship. Students should discuss their workload, what they learned and its implications for Social Entrepreneurship. The submission should also include an aspect of the internship from an academic perspective. Expectations should be discussed with your academic supervisor / program director BEFORE the start of the internship.

Approval Procedure


The Arts Internship Office lists several opportunities which may be possible options for you to look into. The Internship should be related to Social Entrepreneurship.

The requirements are as follows

1. Find an Internship and be offered a position with a minimum of 150 hours of work. You can find opportunities available on the Internship office website:

2. Pitch the internship to the Social Entrepreneurship Program Director to determine if it’s relevant to the program. Students must submit a 1 Page Outline describing what they will be doing during the internship and what the student expects to learn from the experience. 

3. If the Director agrees that the internship is suitable, you must find a Full-time Academic Supervisor to supervise your work and grade your final project/paper which is to be submitted after the completion of the internship. The Academic Supervisor can be someone from Arts or Management as long as they have enough knowledge on the topic you wish to write about. If you can’t find a supervisor, the Social Entrepreneurship Director can act as the Academic Supervisor. Only full-time faculty members should be asked.

4. Once the internship position has been confirmed, follow the steps listed on the AIO website (Steps to Getting Approval for Internship Credit) . All steps should be completed well in advance of the start of your internship. No approval will be granted after you have started your internship.

5. Once the form has been signed by ALL parties, the AIO office will send the completed copy to the Social Entrepreneurship Program Advisor.  Permission to enroll in SENT 499 will be given in the term following the completion of the internship. The forms and registration must be completed BEFORE the start of the internship; the application process should begin in January when planning to participate in an internship experience for the Summer. 

Note: Students must consult with both the Program Director and Arts Internship office before permission to enroll in SENT 499 will be granted. The form must be completed, signed by all parties and submitted to the Program Advisor before the beginning of the internship . Your program advisor will keep a record of approved projects but responsibility for follow-up and completion rest on the student and the supervisor. Any changes to topic and/or supervisor must be communicated to the Program Adviser. Please note that students usually register for SENT 499: Internship, the term following completion of the internship. (For Example: a summer 2023 internship will require you to register in SENT 499 in Fall 2023) There is no class/lecture time for this course, students can use this space in their schedules to work on the submission of their final reflection.

Human Subject Research

Course-based research projects that require students to conduct human subject research must receive ethics review and approval. These projects differ from research in that the intent is for the student to become more knowledgeable about the research process, rather than to contribute to general knowledge. The results of the data are not intended for publication or presentation outside the classroom. The review of these applications may be delegated to the Research Ethics Board (REB) departmental representative and do not normally have to go to the regular REB. This review may not be used for projects carried out as part of a faculty member’s own research. Course projects that involve more than minimal risk, or involve minors or other vulnerable populations, must be reviewed by the REB.

To view the "Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects" and to complete the necessary paperwork please visit the Human Subject Research website.

Please note: No research project, including student research, may begin before approval has been obtained from the REB. No research project will be granted retroactive approval.


A grade for the internship will be assigned by the academic supervisor, based on the agreement initially made between the student and the academic supervisor.

SENT 499

3 credits
Internship: Social Entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship: The Social Entrepreneurship internship allows students to earn university credits while gaining experience working in areas relevant to the Minor Concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. Internships consist of a minimum of 150 hours of work with an approved host institution or organization.

Offered by: Arts - Dean's Office

  • Prior to taking SENT 499, all students must get permission from the Minor Concentration in Social Entrepreneurship Program Director. Registration note: For summer internships, students register for this course in the following fall semester.
  • Restriction(s): Only open to students in the B.A.; Minor Concentration in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Terms
    • Fall 2024
    • Winter 2025
  • Instructors
    • There are no professors associated with this course for the 2024 academic year

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