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Divided by geography, yet united by the same love of rocks!

Have you been wondering how to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within your McGill communities? If yes, you may be inspired by reading about an event that one department, Earth and Planetary Sciences, has initiated as a way to open conversations and to learn what it’s like to be an international graduate student in Canada. Perhaps you’ll even have ideas about activities that would benefit your own department.

By Meghomita Das

Published: 19 Jan 2021

Dr. Victoria Talwar: Worry Less About Your Children's Screen Time (Globe and Mail)

As we continue to navigate pandemic life, the question of "healthy screen time" continues to be debated, particularly concerning child users. Screen time has helped provide a useful social outlet when face-to-face interactions are so limited but do parents have a cause for concern?

Published: 18 Jan 2021

A ‘super-puff’ planet like no other

The core mass of the giant exoplanet WASP-107b is much lower than what was thought necessary to build up the immense gas envelope surrounding giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn, according to a Canadian-led team of astronomers, including McGill University Professor Eve Lee.

Published: 18 Jan 2021

Expert Advice on Kids and Screens During COVID Lockdown

Children’s screen time has long been a contentious issue for the modern parent. The situation has become more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published: 15 Jan 2021

As oceans warm, large fish struggle

Warming ocean waters could reduce the ability of fish, especially large ones, to extract the oxygen they need from their environment. Animals require oxygen to generate energy for movement, growth and reproduction.

Published: 13 Jan 2021

Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program Grants

Grants available for faculty at Canadian postsecondary institutions Important:  Please contact the International Engagement Unit - international.provost [at] - to obtain the application form, budget sheet and privacy statement.  

Published: 13 Jan 2021

Sustainability Projects Fund: Green Labs Program

From McGill Office of Sustainability: 

The Green Labs Expansion is a $50,000 envelope of SPF funding to assist labs on McGill campuses to adopt sustainable best practices learned from previous Sustainability Projects Fund projects. Approved funding will be available to teams for one year to assist them in creating a proof of concept to secure long-term funding for these practices.

Published: 13 Jan 2021

Drummond Foundation Research Grant Awarded to Dr. Jenna Gibbs - KPE

Congratulations to Dr. Jenna Gibbs, Assistant Professor in McGill's Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) Department, who was recently awarded a Drummond Foundation Research Grant supported by the Drummond Foundation and the John R. McConnell Foundation.

Published: 12 Jan 2021

ECP's Ada Sinacore Elected as CPA's New President

McGill Education and the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP) are proud to announce that the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) board has elected ECP's Professor Ada L. Sincore as President for 2021-2022. The CPA posted the following announcement, highlighting Professor Sinacore:

Published: 12 Jan 2021

Global News: Post-Secondary Students Grapple with COVID Fatigue

With Canadian universities beginning the Winter 2021 remote semester, Global News investigated further into the overall morale of post-secondary students with regard to COVID fatigue. McGill ECP's Dr. Nancy Heath and PhD candidate Stephanie Zito (McGill M.Ed '20) were both featured as part of the news piece:


Published: 12 Jan 2021

Student art exhibition to highlight McGill Bicentennial

The Faculty of Science is celebrating McGill’s 200th anniversary with a student art exhibition on the theme of “Science!”. McGill students at all levels and all faculties are invited to submit works in any medium, expressing what science means to them.

Faculty of Science bicentennial committee member, Torsten Bernhard, says the aim of the exhibition is to celebrate science in all its forms.

Email address:
Published: 12 Jan 2021

Leaving Lights on for Hope and Cheer

Some Canadians are choosing to leave their Christmas lights on a little longer this year in a bid to keep the holiday cheer going during these dark times. Dr. Tina C. Montreuil, Assistant Professor for McGill Educational and Counselling Psychology, says the lights can really bring a boost to morale during trying times. “Hope is an essential ingredient of resilience,” she said.

Published: 7 Jan 2021

Identifying Canada’s key conservation hot spots highlights problem

To stop biodiversity loss, Canada recently committed to protecting 30% of its land and sea by 2030. But making conservation decisions about where to locate new protected areas is complicated. It depends on data both about biodiversity and about a range of benefits (e.g. freshwater, climate regulation, recreation) that people get from nature.

Published: 5 Jan 2021

Media Spotlight – Bronwen Low, DISE, in the Montreal Gazette

Quebec’s law on religious symbols appears to be emboldening racists to lash out against student teachers who are members of minority groups, a new survey has found.

Published: 18 Dec 2020

Media Spotlight: Bronwen Low Discusses the Problem with Borat

In December of 2007, Dr. Bronwen Low co-authored "Borat and the Problem of Parody" in reaction to the Sasha Baron Cohen film that took the world by surprise. With a new cringe-worthy Borat film having been released this fall, McGill DISE's Dr. Low was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post (UK edition) as a follow-up to her earlier written critique.

Published: 18 Dec 2020


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