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To become a member of the SMERG community, apply to our graduate programs for teacher education in mathematics and science. We currently offer two degree programs:

MA Education & Society – Math and Science Education Concentration

PhD Educational Studies – Math and Science Education Concentration

These programs emphasize research in mathematics and science education, including a specific focus on teacher education in the area of math and science. The program includes targeted opportunities for candidates to develop skills, knowledge, and practices specific to teaching and learning mathematics and science, mathematics and science teacher preparation, and research in both of these areas. Graduates will gain expertise in research and teaching in order to assume leadership roles in school settings or positions in universities.


To submit to the conferences, we currently suggest:

2023 year 



NCTM Research Conference 





ISLS 2024 

ESERA 2024 

NARST 2024 

ESE-TE 2023 

CSSE 2024 

Adaptation Futures 2023 


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