Participation in SKILLS21 is recognized on your co-curricular record (CCR).

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When you register for a SKILLS21 workshop on myInvolvement, and your attendance is confirmed by the organizer after the workshop, your completion of this workshop automatically shows up on your CCR.

When you participate in five workshops within a stream, you will get a special notation on your CCR. You can see your progress in each stream in myInvolvement by clicking on your initial in the top right corner, then clicking on Paths.

What is the CCR?

McGill’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that recognizes student involvement in learning opportunities outside the classroom.

The McGill CCR has four sections:

  • Personal and Professional Development (e.g. workshops, research lectures, etc.)
  • Campus and Community Engagement (e.g. volunteering, mentorship, tutoring, etc.)
  • Student-Led Initiatives (e.g. student government positions, SSMU services, etc.)
  • Activity-Based Awards and Fellowships (select awards that are not recognized on the academic transcript)

Where can you find your CCR?

Students currently enrolled at McGill University can access, customize, save, and print their co-curricular record through myInvolvement by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to myInvolvement
  2. Click your initial in the top-right corner of the page
  3. Select “Co-curricular Record” from the drop-down menu

You can choose to save or print a version of your CCR that shows everything you have attended or completed. Alternatively, you can select only specific items to be shown in order to create a targeted version of your CCR.

How can you use your CCR in your CV or resume?

Your co-curricular accomplishments can make you stand out in a job application process. Your CCR demonstrates learning outside the classroom, and can be combined with other documents such as your academic transcript and CV/resume to show a comprehensive overview of your accomplishments.

Presenting a document validating your accomplishments can demonstrate initiative and organization. The CCR itemizes and validates the number of workshops you attended, as well as the particular skills that you worked on. Demonstrating SKILLS21 accomplishments on the CCR, such as the completion of a stream, will illustrate in-depth training in a particular skill set, as well as dedication and commitment.

Depending on the particular interview situation, you may wish to print a targeted version of your CCR to bring to an interview along with your CV/resume. In other situations, you may choose to use your CCR as a guide to ensure that all relevant involvement is listed on your CV/resume and cover letter.



For more information, see the CCR information webpage.


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