CLAMSC Constitution

Constitution Establishing the Canadian Library Association McGill University Student Chapter


The name of this organization shall be the Canadian Library Association Student Chapter (CLASC) of the School of Information Studies at McGill University.


The mission of CLASC is to foster participation in the Canadian Library Association and to encourage scholarly achievement and professional awareness of national issues in library and information Studies.


CLASC is affiliated with the Canadian Library Association, and serves as the local student chapter of the School of Information Studies at McGill.


Voting membership is restricted to students currently enrolled in the School of Information Studies at McGill University. Students indicate their CLASC membership by attending CLASC meetings, and/or volunteering to help with CLASC activities.


The officers of CLASC shall consist of a President or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, External Liaison and Communications Officer. Terms of office shall be one year. It is recommended that the presidency be shared with another student, preferably one who served on the executive the previous year.


The officers listed in Article V shall comprise the Executive Committee of CLASC.


The responsibilities of the officers shall be the following:

I. President: Preside at all executive meetings and meetings of membership; Act as the executive authority on all matters concerning CLA sponsored projects and activities; Responsible for maintaining open lines of communication with CLA

II. Vice President

Assist the President with the duties of the executive office; Prepare to resume the presidency the following academic year

III. Secretary/Treasurer

Record the minutes of all CLASC meetings making them available to all students; Clerical responsibilities as deemed appropriate by CLASC; Establish and maintain banking arrangements for the organization; Collect and disburse funds as directed by CLASC

IV. External Liaison

Preferably a second year student. Acts as a liaison to the McGill Library and Information Studies Student Association, Special Libraries Association Student Chapter, and other student associations.

V. Communications Officer

First or second year student. Responsible for notifying all students of CLA-SC activities and events through e-mail, posters, and flyers. Responsible for maintaining chapter website.


Nominations and elections of officers shall take place during a designated General Meeting at the beginning of the academic year. Candidates will present themselves to CLASC membership and provide a brief, 5-minute speech outlining their platform. After speeches have finished, candidates will be elected by secret ballot.


General meetings of the CLASC will be held on a monthly basis and will be called by the president.


In order to amend the constitution, 60% of the total membership must be present in order for there to be a quorum. This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of 51%.

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