Doing research in Southeast Asia

Rice fields

Research projects can take several forms: they can be based at McGill, such as the ‘McGill IAIN Indonesia Social Equity Project;' projects that McGill has partnered with, such as the ‘Cambodian League For The Promotion And Defense of Human Rights;' and multi-collaborative research projects that involve faculty based at McGill and elsewhere, such as the Minorities in the Southeast Asian Massif research laboratory and the ‘Challenges of the Agrarian Transition in Southeast Asia.’

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Past Research Projects


ChATSEA - Challenges of the Agrarian Transition in SEA: 

 SSHRC MCRI Grant (2005-2010). The website is still active and has numerous interesting documents.


Women in Science in Indonesia

 Yogyakarta - Pak Nasution 
Ian Butler (Associate V.P. Research, Chemistry, McGill University)


The Shifting Fortunes of Small Scale Enterprises in Makassar, Indonesia

Makassar - Nurman Said 
Sarah Turner (Geography, McGill University)


Democracy, Identity, Culture and Citizenship

Litbang - Atho Mudzhar 
Phil Buckley (Philosophy, McGill University) 


Celebrating Diversity in Indonesia: A Study of Malay Attitudes Towards Chinese in Riau Province (Phase II)

Pekanbaru - Syafruddin, Heri Snandar, and Mohd Yunus 
Don Taylor (Psychology, McGill University) 


Integrated Management of Urban Water Resources in Indonesia

Agus Salim (Centre for the Development of Science and Technology, UIN Jakarta) 
Subhasis Ghoshal (Civil Engineering and Apllied Mechanics, McGill University) 
Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen (Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University) 
Celebrating Diversity in Indonesia: A Study of Malay Attitudes Towards the Chinese in Riau Province
Pekanbaru - Syafruddin, Heri Sunandar, and Mohd Yunus 
Don Taylor (Psychology, McGill University)


- A Model for Graduate Level Library Education in the IAINs

Yogyakarta: Labibah Zain 
Lorna Rees-Potter (MGSLIS, McGill University) 


Gender Relations in Judaism and Islam

Yogyakarta: Djam'annuri 
Barry Levy (Religious Studies, McGill University) 


Family Planning in Indonesia: Women's Autonomy an Informed Consent

Yogyakarta: Siti Ruhaini 
Shree Mulay (Centre for Teaching and Research on Women, McGill University) 


Referendum in the West and East's Political Discourse - A Comparative Study of Quebec and Aceh's Democratic View

Aceh: Fuadi Mardhatillah 
Hudson Meadwell (Political Science, McGill University) 


The Impact of Islamicisation of the Economic Position of Women

Yogyakarta: Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin and Inayah Rohmaniyah 
Roksana Bahramitash (Sociology, McGill University) 


A Study of the Role of the IAIN Makassar in the development of Human Resources in South Sulawesi

Makassar: Nurman said, Siti Azisah, Hamdan Juhannis, Andi Muh, Ali Amiruddin and Andi Nurbaety 
Andi Faisal Bakti (Communications, McGill University) 


The Violence by Husbands Towards Wives of Economic Independence

Medan: Fathul Nurasiah, Rustam Djannah, and Chusaemah Masganti 
Bill Rowe (School of Social Work, McGill University) 


Islam and Human Rights in Indonesia

Surabaya: Arbaiyah Yusuf and Ahmad Nur 
Wael Hallaq (Islamic Studies, McGill University) 


- Religious Pluralism in Secondary Education Curriculum

Yogyakarta: Sekar Ayu Ariani 
Nathalie Polzer (Religious Studies, McGill University) 


- The Ethics of Understanding Our Environment

Jakarta: Mulyadhi Kartanegara and Irfan Abubakar 
Phil Buckley (Philosophy, McGill University)


Please email the individual faculty listed on the People Page in your area of interest for more information regarding Southeast Asian Studies at McGill.