Relevant centres, programs, networks and associations

Relevant centres at McGill

Institute for the Study of International Development
The Institute for the Study of International development (ISID) is an interdisciplinary research centre under the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research), McGill University. ISID conducts research on international development in all regions of the so-called developing world - Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East - at the student, faculty and postdoctoral levels.

Centre for East Asian Research 
The Centre for East Asian Research (CEAR) is affiliated with the McGill Department of East Asian Studies. The Centre produces an annual newsletter and also posts a weekly E-bulletin of local news and upcoming events related to East Asia. Please see below for more information. 

Institute of Islamic Studies
The Institute of Islamic Studies unites Muslims and non-Muslims in an attempt to understand Islamic civilisation. Opportunities exist for post-graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) research in all facets of Islam in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia.

McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women
The McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women (MCRTW) was created to promote research and teaching in the field of Women's Studies.


University Programs


University of British Columbia - Centre for Southeast Asian Research
University of Toronto - Centre for Southeast Asian Studies
University of Victoria - Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives
York University - York Centre for Asian Research

United States

Cornell University - Southeast Asia Program
Harvard University – Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia
Johns Hopkins University - Southeast Asia Studies Program
Northern Illinois University – Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Ohio University – Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Stanford University – Asia Pacific Research Centre
University of California - Thailand, Laos and Cambodia Studies Group
University of California at Riverside – Southeast Asia: Text, Ritual and Performance
University of Hawaii – Centre for Southeast Asian Studies
University of Michigan - Center for Southeast Asian Studies
University of Washington – Southeast Asia Centre:
Yale University – Council on Southeast Asia Studies:


Australian National University - College of Asia and Pacific
Murdoch University – Asia Research Centre
Monash University – Monash Asia Institute
University of Sydney – Southeast Asia Centre


Asia Research Institute
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
National University of Singapore - Department of Southeast Asian Studies

Other International

Denmark. Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
England. University of Leeds - Thai Politics
 England. University of London –  
Germany. Humboldt University – Institute of Asian and African Studies
Germany. University of Passau – Southeast Asian Studies Program
Hong Kong. City University of Hong Kong – Southeast Asia Research Centre
Japan. Kyoto University – Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Malaysia. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – Institute of Malaysian and International Studies
Netherlands. International Institute for Asian Studies
Thailand. Chulalongkorn University - Institute of Asian Studies


Networks and Associations

In Canada

Canadian Council of Southeast Asian Studies (CCSEAS)
Minorities in the Southeast Asian Massif


Associate of American Geographers
Association of Asian Studies 
AAG - Asian Geography Specialty Group (Bulletin
Association of Southeast Asian Nations 
Association of Southeast Asian Studies - UK 
Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center 
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies 
International Institute for Asian Studies 
Southeast Asian Conflict Studies Network

e-groups and e-lists

Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia 
Michigan State University: Southeast Asia List 
Vietnam Studies Group of the Association of Asian Studies


Please email the individual faculty listed on the People Page in your area of interest for more information regarding Southeast Asian Studies at McGill.