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This page includes information about faculty who are researching on a variety of topics on Southeast Asia at McGill, and a list of their publications. There is also information here about graduate students researching Southeast Asia topics at McGill, and the names of previous students and their thesis titles.

Please email the individual faculty listed below in your area of interest for more information regarding Southeast Asian Studies at McGill.



Jill Hanley PhD 
School of Social Work

Professor Jill Hanley's research focuses on community organizing and social policy as they intersect with people's immigration status, and she is involved in several research teams around this broad topic. She is active in Montreal-based community organizations, particularly the Immigrant Workers' Centre. Her international experiences have involved community development, activist initiatives and academic exchanges in Southeast Asian locations including the Philippines and Indonesia.

Erik Martinez Kuhonta PhD 
Department of Political Science
personal website

Erik Martinez Kuhonta is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at McGill University. He received his Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University in November 2003, where he wrote his dissertation on the political foundations of equitable development in Malaysia and Thailand. His research interests include comparative political development, political economy, international affairs, and Southeast Asian politics. Kuhonta has done fieldwork research in Thailand (Bangkok, Ubon Ratchatani, and Suphan Buri), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and the Philippines (Manila). 

In 2003-04, Kuhonta held a Shorenstein Fellowship at the Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University, where he co-organized a project on theory and methodology in the study of Southeast Asian politics. This project is currently being revised into an edited book. In Fall 2004, he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore. 

Natalie Oswin PhD 
Department of Geography

Urban, cultural and political geography. Research interests include: sexuality and space; migration and mobilities; and, intimacy and the ‘global city’. Natalie’s work draws on empirical research conducted in Singapore and South Africa and engages with a range of critical theories (queer, postcolonial, feminist, Marxist).

Sarah Turner PhD 
Department of Geography

Professor Turner's research focuses upon the exploration and theorisation of how people in developing countries in Southeast Asia make a living, within the broader framework of the global economy. In particular, she studies the socio-economic and political processes which shape the 'informal sector' and small-scale enterprises in urban Southeast Asia. This work spans a number of countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam and Thailand. Currently my field work research is based in Makassar, Indonesia, and Hanoi and Sa Pa, Vietnam. 

This work is structured around questions that focus on a number of dimensions of change in the global economy. Firstly, at the macro scale, how the Southeast Asian countries have been increasingly incorporated into the global economy; secondly, at the meso -scale, what have been the local actions and reactions to these changes; and thirdly, at the micro scale, how have these processes impacted and in turn been operationalised by people involved with small scale enterprises and the 'informal sector'. 

In addition to efforts at increasing interest in Southeast Asia at McGill, Prof Turner has recently been mapping, with Professors from UQAM and Université de Montréal, ethnic diversity in the Northern Highlands of Vietnam using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Ultimately, the research will forward a more accurate representation of ethnic diversity and contribute to a greater understanding and sensitivity regarding ethnic minority groups in Northern Vietnam, and their use of the local environment.

Sarah Moser PhD
Department of Geography

Professor Moser's research examines the ways in which national, religious, and ethnic identities shape cities in Indonesia and Malaysia and the Muslim world more broadly. Her work investigates the transnational circulation of identity, architecture and urban policy and how cities across Asia are looking elsewhere in the global south for inspiration rather than to ‘the west’.  Professor Moser's current work investigates the global emergence of supra-national religious and ethnic identities and how they are manifested in urban form and used to serve secular nation-building purposes. This research examines emerging pan-Islamic identity, the ‘Arabization’ of Muslim identity and the effect these broad trends are having on urban areas. Another strand of this work examines emerging ‘pan-Chinese’ identities currently circulating in Asia and how they are being manifested in cities. 

R. Philip Buckley PhD 
Department of Philosophy

Since 2000, Professor Buckley has been heavily involved with a McGill-based Canadian International Development Agency project focusing upon higher education in Indonesia. He has twice been a consultant on curriculum design and implementation. Indonesia has also proven an outstanding phenomenological "laboratory" to extend some of his notions on identity, community, and history and to engage in joint-research projects on "Ethics and the Environment" and "Democracy and Citizenship". 

Professor Buckley is presently Chair of the Department of Philosophy.

Van-Thanh-Van-Nguyen PhD 
Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Professor Nguyen has served as an expert consultant to various non-governmental and public (national and international) organizations. In addition, he has been active in international co-operation activities, which include development of joint research projects and organizational training programs with colleagues in other countries (e.g., France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) in the field of water resources engineering.

Donald Taylor PhD 
Department of Psychology

Professor Taylor is conducting laboratory and field research in the area of inter-group relations. His two domains of research are "Culture and Identity" and "Prejudice and Discrimination". Of particular interest are the conditions under which members of a disadvantaged group will accept their situation, take individual action, or instigate collective action. Current research focuses on refugees in Canada, racial groups in urban centers in Canada and the United States, South Africa and Indonesia and aboriginal groups such as the Inuit of Arctic Quebec and the Mohawks. Professor Taylor has been involved in several joint research projects through the IAIN project at McGill.


Eidse, Noelani PhD candidate, Department of Geography.
  • Countries of Research: Vietnam.
  • Thesis: Exploring Urban Resistance: Street Vending and Negotiations Over Public Space Livelihoods in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Interests: Resistance, rural-urban migration, informal livelihoods, street vending, public space, Vietnam.


Huber, Bernard PhD Candidate, Department of Geography.

  • Countries of Research: Vietnam.
  • Thesis : 'How do non-timber forest products sustain the livelihoods of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam?' (provisional title).
  • Interests: political ecology; minority livelihoods; borderland politics; Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP); conservation/livelihood balance; post-socialist transformations; Vietnam


McAllister, Karen - PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology

  • Countries of research: Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India
  • Research focus: Shifting rights, resources and representations: risk taking and decision making among shifting cultivations in upland Laos. Shifting agriculture is the primary mode of livelihood for the many minority ethnic groups living in the Lao uplands. These farmers are currently facing an ecological and livelihood crisis. Government policies designed to eliminate shifting agriculture are imposing new forms of privatized land tenure and are relocating entire communities. These policies are being implemented in the context of pre-existing customary tenure systems as well as growing ecological constraints, political strife, and new market opportunities. This research will focuses on understanding how farmers perceive and are adapting to these rapidly changing social and ecological conditions, particularly their understanding of and response to risk.


Rousseau, Jean-François – PhD Candidate, Department of Geography

  • Countries of Research: China (Yunnan), Vietnam
  • Thesis: 'International River Management in the Southeast Asian Massif: understanding and sustaining the Red River’s functions' (provisional title).
  • Interests: environmental globalization, political ecology, security studies, hydropolitics, Red River watershed.


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Mochtar Afandi

  • Dissertation Title: The method of Muslim learning as illustrated in al-Zarnuji's Ta'lim al'Muta'allim Tariq al-Ta'allum

Muhammed Amin

  • Dissertation Title: A study of Bint al-Shati's exegesis
  • Supervisor: Issa Boullata 

Andi Muhammad Ali Amiruddin

  • Dissertation Title: Ujung Pandang Ibn Hajar Al-'Asqalani on Tajrih and Ta'dil of Hadith Transmitters.  A Study of His Tahdhib Al-Tahdhib
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby 

Ibnu Anshori

  • Dissertation Title: Mustafa Kemal and Sukarno: a comparison of views regarding relations between state and religion
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Etin Anwar

  • Dissertation Title: Ibn Sina and Mysticism: a Reconsideration
  • Supervisor: Hermann Landolt 

Hasan Asari

  • Dissertation Title: The educational thought of Al-Ghazali: theory and practice
  • Supervisor: Donald Little

Su'aidi Asyari

  • Dissertation Title: The Role of Muslim Groups in Contemporary Indonesian Nationalism: Nahdatul Ulama Under the New Order (1980's-1990's)
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel and A.  Uner Turgay

Luthfi Auni

  • Dissertation Title: The decline of the Islamic empire in Aceh
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay 

Roksana Bahramitash

  • Dissertation Title: The Role of Women in Economic Development: Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Supervisor: Michael Smith

Andi Faisal Bakti

  • Dissertation Title: Islam and nation formation in Indonesia
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Christine Bonnin(c) Bonnin 2011

  • PhD Dissertation Title: Markets in the Mountains: Upland trade-scapes, trader livelihoods, and state development agendas in northern Vietnam.
  • Supervisor: Sarah Turner
  • Abstract: In this dissertation I investigate market formation and integration in the northern uplands of Vietnam (Lào Cai province) through a focus on the everyday processes by which markets are created and (re)shaped at the confluence of local innovation and initiatives, state actions, and wider market forces. Against a historically-informed backdrop of the ‘local’ research context with regard to ethnicity, cultural practice, livelihoods, markets and trade, I situate and critique the broader Vietnam state agenda. At present, the state supports regularising market development often in accordance with a lowland majority model, and promoting particular aspects of tourism that at times mesh, while at others clash, with upland subsistence needs, customary practice, and with uplanders successfully realising new opportunities. State-led initiatives to foster market integration are often instituted without informed consideration of their effects on the specific nature and complexity of upland trade, such as for the realisation of materially and culturally viable livelihoods.

Sarah Delisle (c) Delisle 2011

  • MA Dissertation Title:  "The weather is lkike the game we play": Hmong and Yao food security and emerging livelihood vulnerabilities in the northern uplands of Vietnam
  • Supervisor: Sarah Turner
  • Abstract: Introduced in 1986, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s economic renovation policy, or Đổi Mới, has both expanded and constricted livelihood opportunities in the northern uplands, while the introduction of modern agricultural technologies, namely hybrid rice seeds, has created new challenges for the region’s largely ethnic minority householders. The incidence of extreme weather events in the region further point to a multiple-stress environment. The aim of this thesis is to assess food security and livelihood vulnerability, stresses and coping strategies among ethnic minority Hmong and Yao in Sa Pa District, northern Vietnam. To answer this aim I draw on a conceptual framework that incorporates key elements from food security, sustainable livelihoods, and vulnerability literatures. Focusing on eight villages in the Mường Hoa valley in Sa Pa District, Lào Cai province, I completed ethnographic fieldwork, including informal conversational interviews, semi-structured interviews and a Photovoice project with Hmong and Yao participants. I undertook fieldwork in summer 2012 and completed follow-up research in summer 2013. I find that Hmong and Yao food systems are exposed to internal and external stresses that diminish access to needed livelihood capitals and decrease asset productivity, as well as constrict overall food output. Householders respond by blending traditional safety nets with newer market-oriented opportunities to diversify their coping strategies. Access to livelihood capitals, especially financial and social capital, determines a household’s coping capacity. In sum, while most Hmong and Yao households are resilient, I argue that the psychological impact of livelihood stresses and the lack of government support for these communities decrease resiliency and must be addressed.

Bich Thi Dinh

  • Dissertation Title: A study of cultural conflict as experienced by adolescents of Vietnamese origin in Montreal secondary schools 

Truna Dody

  • Dissertation Title: Islam and politics under the "new order" government in Indonesia
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Wolfram Dressler

  • Dissertation Title: Old thoughts in new ideas : Tagbanua forest use and state conservation measures at Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Palawan Island, Philippines
  • Supervisor: Thom Meredith

Nurul Fajri

  • Dissertation Title: The role of religious symbols in the Iranian Revolution of 1979 

Ahmad Nur Fuad

  • Dissertation Title: The Babi Movement in Iran: From Religious Dissent to Political Revolt, 1844 – 1853
  • Supervisor: Todd Lawson

Gerber, Jonathan (c) Gerber 2009

  • MA Dissertation Title: From farm plot to cooking pot: regional and local fruit and vegetable commodity chains supplying Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Supervisor: Sarah Turner
  • Abstract: In this thesis I investigate the diverse ways in which agricultural produce makes its way from Hanoi's Long Biên market to consumers, and the roles and activities of the actors involved at numerous nodes along these commodity chains. My conceptual framework incorporates commodity chain analysis, social capital and social network literature as well as literature on the informal economy. I find that there are substantial differences in the functioning of the fruit and vegetable commodity chains due to the different organizational needs of each chain. I also find that, set firmly within the informal economy, strong social networks combined with bonding and bridging social capital are vital for trade along the commodity chains. Lastly, the government's attempts at modernizing the city are likely to have strong and widespread impacts on the agricultural commodity chains.

Amirul Hadi

  • Dissertation Title: Aceh and the Portuguese: a study of the struggle of Islam in Southeast Asia, 1500-1579
  • Supervisor: Donald Little

Ahmad Hakim

  • Dissertation Title: Muhammad ibn Idris Al-Shafi'i and his role in the development of Islamic legal theory
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq 

Sudarnoto Hakim

  • Dissertation Title: The Partai Persatuan Pembangunan: the political journey of Islam under Indonesia's new order (1973-1987)
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Latif Hamdiah

  • Dissertation Title: Persatuan Ulama Seluruh Aceh (PUSA): Its contribution to educational reforms in Aceh
  • Supervisor: Sajida Alvi

Thoha Hamin

  • Dissertation Title: The British and the French responses to Muhammad Ali's policies
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Masdar Hilmy

  • Dissertation Title: Islam and Javanese Cultural Acculturation: A Religio-anthropological Study of the Slametan Ritual
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel and A.  Uner Turgay

Fatimah Husein

  • Dissertation Title: Fazlur Rahman's Islamic Philosophy
  • Supervisor: Todd Lawson

Arnel Pekanbaru Iskandar

  • Dissertation Title: The Concept of Perfect Man in the Thought of Ibn 'Arabi and Iqbal: a Contemporary Study
  • Supervisor: Todd Lawson

Iftitah Jafar

  • Dissertation Title: Modern Qur'anic Exegesis: a Comparative Study of the Methods of Muhammad 'Abduh and Muhammad Rashid Rida
  • Supervisor: Issa Boullata

Asep Saepudin Jahar

  • Dissertation Title: Abu Isaq Al-Shatibi's Reformulation of the Concept of Bid'a: A Study of his al-I'Tisam
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Ahmad Jainuri

  • Dissertation Title: The Muhammadiyah movement in twentieth-century Indonesia: a socio-religious study
  • Supervisor: Sajida Alvi

Shalahudin Kafrawi

  • Dissertation Title: Fakhr al-Din al-Razi's Methodology in Interpreting the Qur'an
  • Supervisor: Issa J.  Boullata

Lathiful Khuluk

  • Dissertation Title: Hasyim Asy 'ari's Religious and Political Thought in the Perspective of Religious Reform and Nationalism in Indonesia during the 20 th Century
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel


  • Dissertation Title: Shafi'i's Theory of Naskh and his Influence on Ulum Al-Qur'an
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Ingrid Leung

  • Dissertation Title: Functional categories in second and third language acquisition: a cross linguistic study of acquisition of English and French by Chinese and Vietnamese speakers

Manuel Litalien

  • Dissertation title: Social Development and Welfare Regime in Thailand: New Democratic Capital in an Increasing Philanthropic Society.

Lindsay Long

  • MA Thesis Title: 'Commodifying Textiles from the Vietnam Highlands.  Actors, Commodity Chains and Tourist Interpretations’ (provisional title).

Ratno Lukito

  • Dissertation Title: Islamic Law and Adat Encounter: The Experience of Indonesia
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Al Makin

  • Dissertation Title: Mohamad Roem's Political Activities and his Vision of an Islamic Political Party and State
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel and A.  Uner Turgay

Fuadi Mardatillah

  • Dissertation Title: The Intellectual Responses to the Establishment of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals(ICMI) during 1990-1995
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel

Hasnul Arifin Melayu

  • Dissertation Title: Socio-Political Background of the Enactment of Kompilasi Hukum Islam di Indonesia, Aceh
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel

Ahmad Imam Mawardi

  • Dissertation Title: Islam and Politics in the Thought of Tjokroaminoto (1882-1934)
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel and A.  Uner Turgay

Akh Minhahi

  • Dissertation Title: Joseph Schacht's contribution to the study of Islamic Law
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Safrul Muluk

  • Dissertation Title: The Indonesian Army and Islam: A Political Encounter
  • Supervisor: A.  Uner Turgay

Sri Mulyati

  • Dissertation Title: Sufism in Indonesia: an analysis of Nawawi al-Banteni's Salalim al-Fudala
  • Supervisor: Hermann Landolt

Inna Muthmainnah

  • Dissertation Title: Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas: the Principles of its Interpretation
  • Supervisor: Issa J.  Boullata

Muhammad Nasfis

  • Dissertation Title: The concept of the imamate in the works of Al-Mawardi

F.  Nurasiah

  • Dissertation Title: Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-Arabi's Views on Shari'ah: A Preliminary Study of the Legal Element in His Writings
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Andi Nurbaethy

  • Dissertation Title: Development of al-Ghazali's Concept of the Knowledge of God in his Three Later Works: Ihya, al-Munquidh, and Iljam al-Awamm
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby

Nawir Yuslem Nurbain

  • Dissertation Title: Ibn Qayyim's reformulation of the fatwa
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Muhammad Agus Nuratnyo

  • Dissertation Title: Asghar Ali Engineer's Thought on Liberation Theology, and Women's Issues: an Analysis
  • Supervisor: Sajida Alvi

Dardiri Pekanbaru

  • Dissertation Title: Jong Islamieten Bond: a study of a Muslim Youth Movement in Indonesia during the Dutch Colonial Era, 1924-1942
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel

Surintaraseree Pimjai

  • Dissertation Title: Doing More With Less: Impacts of Non Farm Employment on Rice Production in Northeastern Thailand
  • Supervisor: Uli Locher

Awalia Rahma

  • Dissertation Title: Sufi Order and the Resistance Movement: The Sanusiya of Libya in 1911-1932
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby

Yusuf Rahman

  • Dissertation Title: The Hermeneutical Theory of Nasri Hamid Abu Zayd: An Analytical Study of His Method of Interpretation
  • Supervisor: Issa Boullata

Za'im Rais

  • Dissertation Title: The Minangkabau traditionalists' response to the modernist movement
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Amhar Rasyid

  • Dissertation Title: Some Qur'anic legal texts in the context of Fazlur Rahman's hermeneutical method
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Nurlena Rifa'i

  • Dissertation Title: Muslim women in Indonesia's politics: an historical examination on the political career of Aisya Aminy
  • PhD Dissertation Title: The emergence of elite Islamic schools in contemporary Indonesia : a case study of Al Azhar Islamic school
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Iman Rofi'i

  • Dissertation Title: Soviet anti-religious policies and Muslims of Central Asia, 1917-1938
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Ismatu Ropi

  • Dissertation Title: Muslim Responses to Christianity in Modern Indonesia
  • Supervisor: A.  Uner Turgay

Nurman Said

  • Dissertation Title: Al-Ghazali's works and their influence on Islam in Indonesia
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby

Fauzan Saleh

  • Dissertation Title: The Development of Islamic theological discourse in Indonesia: a critical survey of Muslim reformists attempts to sustain orthodoxy in the 20th century
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel

Najmah Sayuti

  • Dissertation Title: The Concept of Allah as the Highest God in Pre-Islamic Arabia (A Study of Pre-Islamic Arabic Religious Poetry)
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby

Laura Schoenberger

  • Dissertation Title: Crossing the line: the changing nature of highlander cross-border trade in Northern Vietnam
  • Supervisor: Sarah Turner
  • Abstract: This thesis investigates how changing Vietnamese state control over the Vietnam-China border has impacted cross-border trade networks and livelihoods of border residents in Lao Cai province, North Vietnam. The investigation uses information from qualitative research with 91 marketplace traders and border officials at four crossing points in the province. I find that state control over the border and cross-border trade has increased as this trade has been progressively brought within legal parameters from 1954 to 2005. By taking a commodity chain approach to investigate the trade networks of three locally produced goods that move across the border I discuss the complex interactions of state policy, social relations and location factors in shaping contemporary cross-border trade. This investigation suggests that state policy to encourage small scale cross-border trade and new tradable commodities are increasing the livelihood options available border residents in the province.

Dorita Setiawan

  • Dissertation Title: Islamic feminist community organizing for combatting violence against women : a case study of Rifka Annisa, Women Crisis Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sukiati Sugiono

  • Dissertation Title: Islamic Legal Reform in Twentieth Century Indonesia: A Study of Hazairin's Thought
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel and Wael Hallaq

Didin Syafruddin

  • Dissertation Title: The principles of Ibn Taymiyya's Qur'anic interpretation
  • Supervisor: Uner Turgay

Mohamad Syahnan

  • Dissertation Title: A Study of Sayyid Qutb's Quran Exegesis in Earlier and Later Editions of his Fi Zilal Al-Quran with Specific Reference to Selected Themes
  • Supervisor: Issa J.  Boullata

Siti Syamsiyatun

  • Dissertation Title: Al-Shahranstani and the Shi'i Doctrine of Imama: An Analysis of the Views Expressed in his al-Milal wa al-Hihal and Nihayat al-Iqdam fi 'Ilm al-Kalam
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby

Sahiron Syamsuddin

  • Dissertation Title: An Examination of Bint al-Shati"s Method of Interpreting the Qur'an
  • Supervisor: Issa J.  Boullata

Mizan Sya'roni

  • Dissertation Title: The Majlisul Islamil A'la Indonesia (MIAI): Its Socio-religious and Political Activities, 1937-1943
  • Supervisor: A.  Uner Turgay

Aswita Taizir

  • Dissertation Title: Muhammad 'Abduh and the reformation of Islamic Law
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Ruswan Thoyib

  • Dissertation Title: Colonial Experience and Muslim Education Reforms: a Comparison of the Aligarth and Muhammadiyah Movements
  • Supervisor: Sajida Alvi

Jessica N. Trisko

  • Dissertation Title: “Blood Money: Aid and Repression in Post-Cold War Asia.”
  • Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Saideman (Political Science).

Claire Tugault-Lafleur (c) Tugault-Lafleur

  • Dissertation Title: Diversifying highland livelihoods: ethnic minorities use and trade of forest products in Northern Vietnam
  • Supervisor: Sarah Turner
  • Abstract: This thesis investigates the importance of forest products for Hmong highland minorities in Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, northern Vietnam. Since their migration from Yunnan nearly two centuries ago, the Hmong in upland Vietnam have remained relatively autonomous, relying on a diverse production system including wet rice terraces, swidden fields, livestock, non-timber forest products and, more recently, for a limited number, handicraft and tourist-related activities. In 1992, the Vietnamese Government, via Decree 327, officially banned all forms of slash-and-burn practices and opium cultivation, thus cutting off highlanders from important sources of income. Drawing on qualitative field work, I examine the changing livelihood portfolios and the place of forest products within the Hmong domestic economy from the socialist (1954-1986) to the post Doi Mi period (1986-present) in Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. Then, focusing on one such forest product, by using a case study of cardamom, analysed through a commodity chain approach, I detail trade networks and inter-ethnic exchange dynamics regulating the commercialisation of cardamom in Lao Cai province. As such, this study unravels the dynamic and fluid nature of Hmong livelihood strategies and the place of forest products within these livelihood portfolios.

Suprayetno Wagiman

  • Dissertation Title: Modernization of the Pesantern's Educational System in Attempting to Meet the Needs of the Indonesian Community
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel

Jarot Wahyudi

  • Dissertation Title: Ahl al-Kitab in the Qur'an; an Analysis of Selected Classical and Modern Exegesis
  • Supervisor: Issa J.  Boullata

Yudian Wahyudi

  • Dissertation Title: Hasbi' theory of Ijtihad in the context of Indonesian Fiqh
  • Supervisor: Wael Hallaq

Agusni Yahya

  • Dissertation Title: The impact of colonial experience on the religious and social thought of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Ahmad Hassan: a comparison
  • Supervisors: Howard Federspiel and Wael Hallaq

Yeno Ratna Yuningsih

  • Dissertation Title: The Mystical Element in Mikha'il Nu'aymah's Literary Works and its Affinity to Islamic Mysticism
  • Supervisor: Hermann Landolt

Arba'iyah Yusuf

  • Dissertation Title: Ibn Sina's thought on the "Perfect Man": the role of faculties of the soul
  • Supervisor: Eric Ormsby

Achmad Surayaba Zaini

  • Dissertation Title: K.  H.  Abdul Wahid Hasyim: His Contribution to Muslim Educational Reform and to Indonesian Nationalism during the Twentieth Century
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel

Muhammad Zuhdi

  • Dissertation Title: Political and social influences on religious school : a historical perspective on Indonesian Islamic school curricula

Achmad Zuini

  • Dissertation Title: Abdul Wahid Hasyim: His Contribution to Muslim Educational Reform and to Indonesian Nationalism during the Twentieth Century
  • Supervisor: Howard Federspiel




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