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Research Facilities & Labs

Neuropragmatics and Emotion Lab

Research assistant setting up a social communication study at Dr. Pell's lab.

Voice Lab

A PhD student is culturing vocal fold fibroblast cells in the biosafety cabinet of Voice Lab at McIntyre Medical Building.

Speech Learning Lab

Two students piloting an experiment at the Speech Learning Lab.


Psychology of Pragmatics

Two students reviewing videos and graphs from recent data analyses at the PoP lab.


Neurolinguistics Lab

A student and a participant converse in the eye-tracker testing room located in Stewart Biology.


Speech Perception Lab

A Ph.D. student conducting and recording an experiment at the Speech Perception Lab.

Child Language Development & Disorders Lab

Dr. Thordardottir's Child Language Development & Disorders Lab

Psychology of Pragmatics

Two students participating in the communication task experiment conducted at the POP lab.


Neuropragmatics and Emotion Lab

A post-doctoral fellow setting up an experiment at the Neuropragmatics and Emotion Lab.


Each SCSD faculty member has a laboratory associated with his or her research. These facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment for projects ranging from investigations of infant speech perception and language acquisition, to speech motor control, to the neural bases of speech, language, and emotion. Researchers also have access to a variety of subject populations necessary for the study of normal and disordered speech and language.

In addition, many faculty are members of the Centre for Research on Brain, Language, and Music a multidisciplinary research centre representing faculty and students from all Montreal universities. Almost half of the SCSD faculty members also supervise research students registered in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience. Our researchers have access to a world-class neuroimaging facility at the Brain Imaging Centre at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the shared research resources of the CRBLM.

In Montreal, our faculty have ongoing collaborations with colleagues at McGill (Psychology, Linguistics, Education and Neurology and Neurosurgery departments), as well as with colleagues at l'Université de Montréal, UQAM, and Concordia University, and at Montreal Children's Hospital and the Jewish General Hospital. We also have collaborations across Canada and internationally, from MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, to the CNRS in Paris, to RykajavikurAkademian in Iceland.

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