Neurolinguistics Lab


The main subjects of investigation of Dr. Baum and her lab members are language neuroscience and speech science. Diverse methods are used – EEG/ERP, fMRI, behavioral tasks and eye-tracking – to investigate speech and prosodic processing, word recognition, and sentence and discourse processing in an effort to advance knowledge concerning the neural bases of language. Research on normal speech motor control and acoustic studies of speech adaptation to perturbation are also presently underway.

Dr Baum is also the original team leader of the Montréal Bilingualism Initiative (MOBI), an interdisciplinary team of researchers collaborating to broaden and deepen our understanding of multilingualism using cutting-edge tools and techniques.

You’ll find more information about the lab’s research focus by browsing the Lab members' profiles and the Recent publications page. If you are curious about participating in one of our studies on language, please visit the Experiment Participation page for more information.

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