The Lab's research equipment

The lab has equipment to record high quality digitized speech samples and various acoustic analysis software suites to analyze, manipulate, process or synthesize speech samples (e.g., PRAAT, Goldwave).

In addition, the following equipment is available:

  • A 64 channel Biosemi EEG system to record electrical activity in the brain
  • An SR Research Eyelink II head mounted eyetracker to investigate online visual language processing
  • Access to equipment for analysis of electromyographic, sensorimotor, kinematic, biomechanical and neural characteristics of speech production is also available (e.g., Carstens AG500 Electromagnetic Articulograph, ultrasonography)

The members of the Neurolinguistics lab also have access to MRI scanners at the Montreal Neurological Institute. The scanners are specifically dedicated to research use and audiovisual equipment for stimulus presentation is available.

See also the facilities of the Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music, to which the members of the lab also have access. Lab members might also be able to access the facilities of Collaborators through joint research projects.

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