Program advisors

For general questions regarding program requirements, contact the program advisors listed below.

Course registration issues

Registration for courses is controlled by the units that offer the courses. Below are people who can help you with Science course registration issues. Note that SOUSA advisors cannot help you register for courses that are full or restricted, or have other issues. You must contact the unit offering the course. See below for details.

Anatomy and Cell Biology (ANAT)

undergradadvisor.acb [at] (Penny Kaill-Vinish)
General advising and course registration issues

Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (ATOC)

Carolina.dufour [at] (Carolina Dufour)
General advising and course registration issues

Biochemistry (BIOC)

zhannat.sakijanova [at] (Zhannat Sakijanova) 
General advising and course registration issues

Biology (BIOL)

Nancy Nelson
General advising

Biology course registration issues

BIOL 111, 112: If the lab section you need is full, register for the lecture and any lab section for now. There will be an opportunity to switch lab sections in the first week of the term (on the week before the labs start) by using the myCourse site discussion board. If you still have problems, contact Anne Marie L'Heureux.

BIOL 200, 201, 202, 219: Susan Gabe or Nancy Nelson. If courses are full, contact Susan Gabe.

BIOL 301: Departmental approval required. Contact maxime.leroux [at] (subject: BIOL%20301%20registration%20request) (Dr. Maxime Leroux) prior to registering in Minerva. Make sure to include your student ID number, the semester (Fall or Winter) and lab days. Note that the course prerequisites are strictly enforced. 

All other BIOL courses: If there is a waitlist, use the Minerva quick add/drop menu to sign up.  For complementary courses, there is not much more that can be done. For required courses, contact Susan Gabe.

Biotechnology minor

undergradstudies.pharmacology [at] (Chantal Grignon)
General advising and course registration issues

Chemistry (CHEM)

samuel.sewall [at] (Sam Sewall)
General advising

advisor.chemistry [at] (Advising Office)
Course registration issues

Cognitive Science (COGS)

liana.hall [at] (Liana Hall)
General advising

Computer Science (COMP)

For course registration issues, students must contact Teresa Pian.

teresa.pian [at] (Teresa Pian)

General Inquiries, administrative support , course registration/ schedules/ waitlists, course permit overrides, form requests - COMP 400, COMP 396, COMP 480, SURA/NSERC Awards, Quebec Inter-Univ Transfer (IUT) approvals.

liette.chin [at] (Liette Chin)
General inquiries - please do not contact Liette Chin for registration issues.

Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPSC)

Jeanne Paquette
General advising and course registration issues

Earth System Science (ESYS)

William Minarik
General advising and course registration issues

Environment, Bieler School of

Kathy Roulet
General advising

Experimental Medicine (EXMD)

experimental.medicine [at] (Experimental medicine staff)
Course registration issues

Geography (GEOG)

advisor.geog [at] (Michelle Maillet)
General advising and course registration issues.

Mathematics & Statistics (MATH)

ugrad.mathstat [at] (General advising)

djivede.kelome [at] (Armel Kelome)
Chief Advisor

ugrad.mathstat [at] (Lori Hurdle)
Undergraduate Program Administrator

ugrad.mathstat [at] (Angela White)
Course registration issues

Microbiology & Immunology (MIMM)

Benoît Cousineau
General advising

undergrad.microimm [at] (Undergraduate Office)
Course registration issues

Natural History Minor [at] (David Green)
General advising

susan.gabe [at] (Susan Gabe) or nancy.nelson [at] (Nancy Nelson)
Registration issues for REDM courses. If courses are full, contact Susan Gabe.

Neuroscience (NSCI)

curtis.sharman [at] (Curtis Sharman)
General advising for students enrolled in Neuroscience

prospective.neuroscience [at]
Future and current McGill students with questions about applying to Neuroscience [at]
NSCI 200, 300, 400 registration issues

Psychology department registration form 
NSCI 201 registration issues

Pharmacology & Therapeutics (PHAR) (and Biotechnology minor)

undergradstudies.pharmacology [at] (Chantal Grignon)
General advising and course registration issues

Physics (PHYS)

advising.physics [at]
General advising and course registration issues

Physiology (PHGY)

Sonia Viselli
General advising and course registration issues

Department of Psychiatry

graduate.psychiatry [at] (Graduate Psychiatry Staff)
Course registration issues

Psychology (PSYC)

For issues related to the "reserved closed" registration message, please complete this webform to submit a course request. Note: for PSYC 204, permits are for required course in program, only. All others must wait for spaces to open up.

For all other registration issues and general advising: undergrad.psych [at] 

Sustainability, Science and Society

advisor.geog [at] (Michelle Maillet)
General advising

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