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Science at McGill

Science is for you! But where can you study science at McGill? This page shows you which Schools and Departments offer undergraduate programs in science. Here you will find links to more information about each academic unit and its programs of study.

What can I study in the Faculty of Science?

When you apply for B.Sc. programs in the Faculty of Science, you choose a group. If you are admitted to that group you will be able to register for any major within that group only. The departments or programs listed below are grouped into the following admission groups:

  • Physical, Earth, Math & Computer Science
  • Biological, Biomedical & Life Sciences
  • Neuroscience

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Physical, Earth, Math & Computer Science

Physical sciences 

Earth and environmental sciences 

Math and computational science 

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Biological, Biomedical & Life Sciences

Biological and life sciences 

Biomedical sciences

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Where else would I find science at McGill?

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Social sciences (in the Faculty of Arts)

Other life sciences (other Faculties and Schools)

Bachelor of Arts & Science (B.A. & Sc.)

The B.A. & Sc. degree, jointly offered through the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science, is designed for students who have clearly-defined interests in both Arts and Science.

The B.A. & Sc. degree is the only degree at McGill that currently offers an interfaculty program in Cognitive Science. However, the Faculty of Science does offer a B.Sc. Minor in Cognitive Science which can be combined with other Science major areas such as Psychology or Computer Science.

The interfaculty program in Sustainability, Science and Society is also unique to the B.A. & Sc. degree.

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