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Free resources for elementary schools

The Office of Science Outreach offers free lesson plans which center inquiry-based learning strategies to engage students. The content aligns with the Quebec Education Program (QEP) and is available in English and French.

New! Small Habitats: Exploring Nature Around Us

Discover the diversity of scientists that study life on Earth. Search like a scientist to explore and learn about critters living in small habitats near you. Developed by STEMM Diversity @ McGill in collaboration with the Office of Science Outreach.

  • Driving question: What kinds of organisms can you discover living in small habitats near you and why are they important to nature, the earth, and us?

  • Grade level: Elementary cycle 2, grades 3-4

Travelling Seeds

Discover the unique strategies plants use to disperse their seeds to new places, both near and far. 

  • Driving question: How do seeds travel the world?

  • Grade level: Elementary cycle 2, grades 3-4 

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