What does a Greek God and former McGill Chemistry Professor Bernard Belleau OC FRSC have in common?

Bernard Belleau was famous for developing the nucleoside analogue 3TC for viral treatment. Here, we show that a nucleoside analogue triggers a cell death mechanism named after Thanos, the Greek God of nonviolent deaths. The nucleoside analog, cytarabine, has been used as the frontline treatment of leukemia for more than 50 years, but patient survival rates are less than 20%.

Published: 21 Sep 2023

Memorial Tribute – Byung Chan Eu (1935–2023)

With heavy hearts we announce the passing of Professor Byung Chan (“BC”) Eu on August 25th, 2023, at the age of 88 while in hospital. BC was born in 1935 in Seoul, Korea and earned a BSc in Chemistry at Seoul National University in 1959. He was admitted to the graduate school of Seoul National University in 1960, but soon was drafted into the Korean army which he served until 1962.

Published: 19 Sep 2023

Natalya Gomez named recipient of 2023 AGU James B. Macelwane Medal

Professor Natalya Gomez of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has been selected to receive the American Geophysical Union’s 2023 James B. Macelwane Medal, awarded annually to three to five early career scientists in recognition of their significant contributions to Earth and space science.

Published: 13 Sep 2023

Major renovation project will transform the Redpath into a more accessible museum

If you’ve been meaning to visit McGill’s Redpath Museum, now is the time.

Published: 13 Sep 2023

Faculty of Science welcomes five new Schulich Leaders

When you learn you’ve been awarded Canada’s largest scholarship for STEM studies, it’s a pretty heady moment. Just ask some of McGill’s new Schulich Leaders. These new McGill students hail from New Brunswick to Vancouver and are among the 100 recipients in Canada this year of Schulich Leader Scholarships, valued at up to $120,000.


Published: 8 Sep 2023

Matt Dobbs, Galen Halverson, Joelle Pineau, and Simon Caron-Huot honoured by the Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to McGill Science's new Royal Society of Canada inductees, the Fellows Matt Dobbs, Galen Halverson, Joelle Pineau, and College Member Simon Caron-Huot! The four professors join 15 other scholars in McGill's 2023 cohort. 

Published: 6 Sep 2023

The Clara Benson Award

The Clara Benson Award is presented to recognize a woman who has made a distinguished contribution to chemistry, in memory of the late Clara Benson who contributed immensely to both CHEM and equity (1st female Prof at UofT). This award is sponsored by The Canadian Council of University Chemistry Chairs. Prof. Karine Auclair from McGill University is the recipient of the 2023 Clara Benson Award.

Published: 1 Sep 2023

Montreal 2140: Hopeful Futures in Science and Storytelling



A Solvathon at the Bieler School of Environment, McGill University

Keynote speakers: Kim Stanley Robinson and Annalee Newitz

October 12-13, 2023

Published: 31 Aug 2023

Prof. Dave Stephens part of groundbreaking study on SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in Canada, 2020-2023

Read the article, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal:

Published: 25 Aug 2023

2023 Environment Public Lecture: Gernot Wagner

The Bieler School of Environment presents:

Professor Gernot Wagner

2023 Environment Public Lecture

“Climate Risks, Uncertainties, and Opportunities"

Published: 23 Aug 2023

Wenbo Yi (PhD Student) Wins Best Poster Award at NSERC-CREATE Symposium on Complex Dynamics

PhD student Wenbo Yi received the Best Poster Award at the 2023 NSERC-CREATE Symposium on Complex Dynamics for his work on the effects of musical tempo and spontaneous rates on pain perception. This work was joint research with Drs. Caroline Palmer and Mathieu Roy. Congratulations, Wenbo!

Published: 14 Aug 2023

Experts: Canadian astronomers set to join Ariel space mission

This week Canada announced it will contribute to the European Space Agency’s Ariel mission. A first mission of its kind, the Ariel space telescope will launch in 2029 to study the atmospheres of distant exoplanets outside of our solar system.

Published: 25 Jul 2023

Alien invasion: Study reveals alarming economic costs of biological invasions to the European Union

Biological invasions are a major threat to ecosystems, biodiversity, and human well-being, resulting in ecosystem degradation and causing economic costs in the multi-trillions of euros globally. A study led by McGill University sheds light on the stark economic cost resulting from biological invasions in the European Union (EU).

Published: 13 Jul 2023

Exploring Potential Signatures of Life on Ocean Moons

A New Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration for Upcoming NASA Missions and Mission Concepts

Scientists have long been captivated by the possibility of discovering evidence for extraterrestrial life in the universe. While many of the world’s largest telescopes are pointed toward distant galaxies and star systems, some think there’s a strong possibility that life could be detected much closer to home.

Published: 6 Jul 2023


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