Congratulations KPE Ph.D. Candidate Erika Renda, for Publishing in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology

Published: 7Nov2022

Erika Renda, KPE Ph.D. Candidate, recently had her thesis research titled Sex-specific myoelectric manifestations of localized fatigue during a multi-joint repetitive task published in the Journal...

Dr. Julie Côté, KPE, Presents Keynote Presentation at the 47e Congrès International de la Société de Biomécanique in Monastir, Tunisia

Published: 7Nov2022

Dr. Julie Côté, KPE, is the PI of the Biomechanics of Occupations and Sports (BOS) Laboratory. She presented on les Mécanismes des Troubles Musculosquelettiques (TMS) chez les hommes et chez les...

Temporary change in how to report a broken link or access issue in the Sofia catalogue

Published: 3Nov2022

Due to a technical issue affecting our reception of your notifications from the “Report a Broken Link” function, we are temporarily hiding the link from the catalogue interface....

COVID-19 reshaped the way we buy, prepare and consume food

Published: 2Nov2022

To better understand food-related decisions during the pandemic, our research team conducted an online survey among a sample of adults from the province of Québec. This survey spanned three...

Efficient room-temperature phosphorescence of covalent organic frameworks through covalent halogen doping

Published: 1Nov2022

Room-temperature phosphorescence in organic solids is rare. In a recent article from Perepichka group E. Hamzehpoor, C. Ruchlin and coworkers reported highly phosphorescent boroxine Covalent...

November 1 | Macdonald Campus Library closes at 5PM

Published: 31Oct2022

Due to an electrical shutdown, the Macdonald Campus Library will close at 5PM on Tuesday, November 1. ...


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