October 24, 2017

Faculty of Science
Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday October 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Leacock Council Room L232


1.  Adoption of the Agenda

2.  Resolution on the Death of Professor Allan S. Hay, Department of Chemistry
     Presented by Professor David Harpp.

3.  Candidates for Degrees
     Director (Advising services) Nicole Allard

a) Bachelor of Arts and Science S-17-4 To be Reported
b) Bachelor of Science S-17-5 To be Reported
c) Diploma in Environment S-17-6 To be Reported
d) Diploma in Meteorology S-17-7 To be Reported

4.  Minutes of 12 September 2017                     Minutes

5. Business Arising from the Minutes

6.  Reports of Committees

a) Nominating Committee S-17-2  Nominating Committee_2017
b) Academic Committee-Associate Dean Hundemer

S-17-8  Academic_Report_Oct_24_2017

7.  Dean's Business

a) Announcements  
b) Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List (DMURL)-Director Nicole Allard S-17-9 To be Reported
c) B.Sc. Global Designation - Director Nicole Allard S-17-10 To be Reported
d) Enrolment Data - Associate Dean Axel Hundemer S-17-11 To be Circulated

8.  Reports of Director & Associate Deans

a) Director (Advising services) Nicole Allard
b) Associate Dean (Academic) Axel Hundemer
c) Associate Dean (Graduate education) Laura Nilson
d) Associate Dean (Research) Doina Precup

9.  Report on Actions of Senate - Prof. David Harpp: Senate Meeting on 12 September, 2017

10.  Member's question period

11.  Other Business

The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, 26 September, 2017:


Cognitive Science
COGS 444, 444D1/D2, 444N1/N2                                                           
Honours Research
Change in description
6 credits

AC-17-1 COGS 444

Mathematics & Statistics
MATH 700
PhD Comprehensive Exam Part A
Change in title
Credits: 0                                  

AC-17-8  MATH 700

MATH 701
PhD Comprehensive Exam Part B
Change in title
Credits: 0

AC-17-9  MATH 701

CHEM 115
Acc Gen Chem: Giants in Sci
Course retirement
4 credits                             

AC-17-11 CHEM 115

CHEM 183
World of Chem: Drugs            
Removal of restriction
3 credits

AC-17-12 CHEM 183

CHEM 267
Intro Chemical Analysis      
Change in prerequisites
3 credits

AC-17-13 CHEM 267

CHEM 367
Instrumental Analysis 1                       
Change in prerequisites
3 credits

AC-17-14 CHEM 367

CHEM 396
Undergraduate Research Project            
Change in restriction
3 credits

AC-17-15 CHEM 396

CHEM 400
Independent Study in Chemistry               
Change in restriction
1 credit

AC-17-16 CHEM 400

CHEM 493, 493D1/D2 
Advanced Physical Chem Lab                     
Changes: description, prerequisites
2 credits

AC-17-17 CHEM 493, 493D1/D2
Major in Pharmacology
AC-17-2 Major Pharmacology
Honours in Pharmacology AC-17-3 Honours Pharmacology 
Major in Geography
AC-17-4 Major in Geography 
Honours in Geography AC-17-5 Honours in Geography
Liberal Core Science Component in Geography AC-17-6 Liberal Core Science Comp.Geography
Minor in Geography AC-17-7 Minor in Geography
Course and Program Consultations  


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