May 22, 2018

Meeting of Faculty
22 May, 2018
3:00 p.m.
Leacock Council Room - L232


1.   Adoption of Agenda

2.   Resolution on the Death of John Bradley Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Biology

    - Presented by Prof. Gregor Fussmann, Chair, Department of Biology

3.   Resolution on the Death of Virginia Douglas, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

    - Presented by Prof. John Lydon, Chair, Department of Psychology

4.   Faculty of Science Excellence Awards – Professor Jacques Hurtubise, Chair

5.   Leo Yaffe Teaching Award – Prof. Edith Zorychta, Chair

6.   Candidates for Degrees

    - Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard

Bachelor of Arts and Science 

S-17-32 To be Tabled

Bachelor of Science  

S-17-33 To be Tabled

Diploma in Environment 

S-15-34 To be Tabled

Diploma in Meteorology  

S-17-35 To be Tabled

7.   Minutes of 17 April, 2018                                                                                  S-17-31

8.   Business Arising from the Minutes

9.   Reports of Committees

Scholarships Committee – Associate Dean Laura Nilson    

S-17-36 To be Tabled

Academic Committee – Associate Dean Hundemer


10.   Dean's Business

Dean’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List (DMURL) – Director Nicole Allard   

S-17-38 To be Tabled

B.Sc. Global Designation – Director Nicole Allard

S-17-39 To be Tabled



11.   Reports of Director & Associate Deans

Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard

Associate Dean (Academic) Axel Hundemer

Associate Dean (Graduate Education) Laura Nilson

Associate Dean (Research) Doina Precup

12.   Reports on Actions of Senate

Senator David Stephens

Senate Meeting of 19 April, 2018

Senator Masad Damha

Senate Meeting of 16 May, 2018

13.   Members' Question Period


14.    Other Business


First Meeting of the 2018-2019 Academic Year:  11 September, 2018

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