October 18, 2016

Faculty of Science
Meeting of Faculty 
Tuesday October 18, 2016
Leacock Council Room - L232

1.         Adoption of Agenda

2.         Candidates for Degrees - Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard

a)  Bachelor of Arts and Science S-16-5 To be Tabled
b)  Bachelor of Science S-16-6 To be Tabled
c)  Diploma in Environment S-16-7 To be Tabled
d) Diploma in Meteorology S-16-8 To be Tabled

3.        Minutes of 13 September 2016 PDF icon s-16-4.pdf

4.        Business Arising from the Minutes

5.        Reports of Committees

a)  Committee on Student Standing - Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard S-16-9 To be Tabled
b)  Scholarships Committee - Associate Dean (Graduate Education) Laura Nilson S-16-10 To be Tabled

c)  Nominating Committee (#7) Leo Yaffe & Principal's Prizes Committee (one member)   


6.         Dean’s Business

a)  Announcements  
b)  DMURL - Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard S-16-11 To be Tabled
c) Enrolment - Associate Dean (Academic) Tamara Western S-16-12 To be Circulated

7.         Reports of Director & Associate Deans

a)  Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard

b)  Associate Dean (Graduate Education) Laura Nilson

c)  Associate Dean (Research) Doina Precup

d)  Associate Dean (Academic) Tamara Western

8.         Report on Actions of Senate

Prof. David Stephens Senate Meeting of 21 September 2016

9.         Members’ Question Period

10.        Other Business


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