November 17, 2015

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty

Tuesday, 17 November, 2015

3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


Research Presentations (3 minutes)

Prof. Lauren Human, Department of Psychology

Prof. Graham MacDonald, Department of Geography

1.  Adoption of Agenda

2.  Minutes of 20 October 2015 PDF icon s-15-12.pdf

3.  Business Arising from the Minutes

4. Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Christopher Manfredi

5.  Report of Committee:

Academic Committee: Associate Dean, Tamara Western     PDF icon s-15-13.pdf

6.  Dean's Business

a) Announcements

b) Budget

7.  Reports of Associate Deans

a) Associate Dean (Graduate Education) Laura Nilson

b) Associate Dean (Research) Doina Precup

c) Associate Dean (Academic) Tamara Western

8.  Reports on Actions of Senate

Prof. Gregory Dudek:    Senate Meeting of 21 October 2015

Prof. Peter Grutter:       Senate Meeting of 3 November 2015

9.  Members' Question Period

10. Other Business

Academic Committee Documents

The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, 27 October 2015:


(1) Earth & Planetary Sciences

-EPSC 520/Earthquake Physics and Geology/3 credits     PDF icon ac-15-13.pdf

(1A) Associate Program:

Physics/Earth & Planetary Sciences

-Joint Major in Physics & Geophysics     PDF icon ac-15-14.pdf

(2) Computer Science

-COMP 551/Applied Machine Learning /4 credits   PDF icon ac-15-18_combined.pdf


(1) Physics

-PHYS 434/Optics/Change in description/3 credits   PDF icon ac-15-15.pdf

(2) Computer Science

-COMP 303/Software design/Changes:  title, description/3 credits   PDF icon ac-15-16.pdf

-COMP 350/Numerical Computing/Restriction added/3 credits   PDF icon ac-15-17_combined.pdf

(3) Mathematics & Statistics

-MATH 317/Numerical Analysis/Restriction added/3 credits    PDF icon ac-15-17a.pdf 


McGill School of Environment

- Major in Environment, Ecological Determinants of Health (Cellular)    PDF icon ac-15-20_combined.pdf

- Major in Environment, Ecological Determinants of Health (Population)  PDF icon ac-15-21_combined.pdf

SECTION D:  OTHER (For Information only)

(1) McGill School of Environment

Program Changes:

-B.A. Faculty Program in Environment, Ecological Determinants of Health in Society

-B.Sc. (AgEnvSc) Major in Environment, Ecological Determinants of Health (Cellular)

-B.Sc. (AgEnvSc) Major in Environment, Ecological Determinants of Health (Population)

(2) Mathematics & Statistics

- B.A. Minor concentration in Statistics (Deletion of Complementary Course)

(3) Chemistry Minor Course Changes         PDF icon ac-15-22_combined.pdf

(4) Courses on Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List (DMURL)    PDF icon ac-15-12.pdf


Next Meeting:  8 December 2015


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