October 19, 2010

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


  • New Professors will be introduced [.pdf].
  • Recently Tenured Professors will be introduced [.pdf].
  • Members who have been recently promoted to Full Professor will be introduced [.pdf].

Adoption of Agenda

Agenda [.pdf]


Resolution on the Death of Benjamin J. Garnier, Emeritus Profesor of Geography
- Prof. Michel Lapointe, Department of Geography

Seating of Student Members

S-10-1 [.pdf]

Candidates for Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-10-2 To be Tabled
  2. Bachelor of Science - S-10-3 To be Tabled
  3. Diploma in Environment - S-10-4 To be Tabled
  4. Diploma in Meteorology - S-10-5 To be Tabled

Minutes of May 25, 2010

Minutes [.pdf]

Business Arising from the Minutes

Reports of Committees

(a) Nominating Committee - S-10-6 [.pdf]
(b) Scholarships Committee
In-course Scholarships Report - S-09-36 To be tabled
New Award for In-course Students: GowriSankaran Prize in Mathematics and Statistics - S-10-7 [.pdf]
(c) Academic Committee [.pdf] - S-10-8

Click here for Academic Committee Documents
(d) Committee on Student Standing - S-10-9 To be Tabled

Dean's Business

(a) Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List - S-10-10 To be Tabled
(b) MyResearch for McGill Graduate Students - Mr. Louis Houle, Associate Director, Client Services, Sciences, Health and Engineering (10 Minutes)
(c) Enrolment - Special Advisor Prof. Nick de Takacsy

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. D.N. Harpp: Senate Meeting of September 22, 2010

Members' Question Period

Other Business

Faculty of Science Beginning-of-Year Celebration

Immediately Following the Meeting

Next Faculty Meeting: November 16, 2010

Academic Committee Documents

The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, September 28,2010

Moderate Program Changes

(1) Minor in Cognitive Science - AC-10-2 [.pdf]
(2) B.Sc. Major Program in Neuroscience - AC-10-3 [.pdf]

Moderate Course Changes

(1) McGill School of Environment

Minor Course Changes (For Information Only)

(i) Report on Minor Course Changes AC-10-1 [.pdf]
Relevant Documents: MCC-10-1 [.pdf] ; MCC-10-2 [.pdf]; MCC-10-3 [.pdf]; MCC-10-4 [.pdf]; MCC-10-5 [.pdf]; MCC-10-6 [.pdf]; MCC-10-7 [.pdf]; MCC-10-8 [.pdf]; MCC-10-9 [.pdf]; MCC-10-10 [.pdf]; MCC-10-11[.pdf]
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