October 13, 2009

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


  • New Professors will be introduced
  • Recently Tenured Professors will be introduced.
  • Members who have been recently promoted to Full Professor will be introduced.

Adoption of Agenda

AGENDA [.pdf]


Resolution on the Death of Professor Wallace Earl Lambert, Department of Psychology
- Prof. Donald Taylor, Department of Psychology

Seating of Student Members

- S-09-1 To be Tabled

Candidates for Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-08-2 To be Tabled
  2. Bachelor of Science - S-08-3 To be Tabled
  3. Diploma in Environment - S-08-4 To be Tabled
  4. Diploma in Meteorology - S-08-5 To be Tabled

Minutes of May 19, 2009

MINUTES [.pdf]

Business Arising from the Minutes

Reports of Committees

(a) Nominating Committee - S-09-6 [.pdf]
(b) Scholarships Report -S-08-40 To be Tabled
New Awards - S-09-7 [.pdf]
(c) Academic Committee - S-09-8 [.pdf]

Click here for Academic Committee Documents
(d) Committee on Student Standing - S-09-9 To be Tabled

Dean's Business

(a) Enrollment - S-09-10 To be Tabled
Associate Dean (Academic) Hendren
(b) Priorities for budgets in tough times
Discussion: Committee of the Whole (15 minutes)
Chair: Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Education) Grütter

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. P. Grütter: Senate Meeting of May 20, 2009
- Prof. T. Moore: Senate Meeting of September 16, 2009

Members' Question Period

Other Business

Faculty of Science Beginning-of-Year Celebration

Immediately Following the Meeting

Next Faculty Meeting: November 3, 2009

Academic Committee Documents

Major Program Changes

M.Sc. in Computer Science (Thesis) - AC-09-9 [.pdf]
M.Sc. in Computer Science (Thesis); Computational Science & Engineering Option - AC-09-10 [.pdf]
M.Sc. in Computer Science (Thesis); Bioinformatics Option/Conc. - AC-09-11 [.pdf]
M.Sc. in Computer Science (Project/Non-Thesis) - AC-09-12
Associated New Courses
COMP 691 - AC-09-5 [.pdf]
COMP 693 - AC-09-6 [.pdf]
COMP 696 - AC-09-7
COMP 697 - AC-09-8 [.pdf]
M.Sc. in Geography (Thesis) - AC-09-17 to AC-09-23 [.pdf]
M.Sc. in Geography (Thesis); Environment Option/Concentration - AC-09-18
M.Sc. in Geography (Thesis); Neotropical Environmental Option/Concentration - AC-09-19
Ph.D. Programs
Ph.D. in Geography - AC-09-20
Ph.D. in Geography; Environment Option/Concentration - AC-09-21
Ph.D. in Geography; Gender and Women's Studies Option/Concentration - AC-09-22
Ph.D. in Geography; Neotropical Environment Option/Concentration - AC-09-23
Associated Courses
GEOG 631 - AC-09-15
GEOG 696 (NEW) - AC-09-16

New Courses

BIOC 570 - AC-09-3

Report on Minor Course Changes (For Information Only) - AC-09-2(Revised)

CHEM 287 - MCC-09-1
CHEM 297 - MCC-09-2
NSCI 410, 410D1/410D2 - MCC-09-3
NSCI 420, 420D1/D2 - MCC-09-4 [.pdf]
BIOL 112 - MCC-09-5
BIOL 205 - MCC-09-6
BIOL 300 - MCC-09-7 [.pdf]
BIOL 301 - MCC-09-8
BIOL 303 - MCC-09-9
BIOL 370 - MCC-09-10 [.pdf]
BIOL 377 - MCC-09-11 [.pdf]
BIOL 413 - MCC-09-12
BIOL 215 - MCC-09-13
BIOL 499D1/D2 - MCC-09-14
COMP 694 - MCC-09-15
COMP 695 - MCC-09-16 [.pdf]
COMP 698 - MCC-09-17
COMP 699 - MCC-09-18
COMP 601/D1D2/N1N2 - MCC-09-19


(1) Guidelines for Ad hoc Programs
(i) that students should propose ad hoc programs at the beginning of their undergraduate degree
(ii) that the Director of Advising Services would check to see if an existing program could accommodate the student, and if so, propose that the student follow the existing program
(iii) that the number of credits for a joint honours program should not exceed 81, and for a majors program should not exceed 75 (with the aim of 72)
(2) Geography M.A. Programs (For Information Only)
M.A. in Geography (Thesis)
M.A. in Geography (Thesis); Environment Option/Concentration
M.A. in Geography (Thesis); Neotropical Environment Option/Concentration
M.A. in Geography (Thesis); Development Studies Option/Concentration
M.A. in Geography (Thesis); Gender and Women's Studies Option/Concentration
M.A. in Geography (Thesis); Social Statistics Option/Concentration
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