February 9, 2010

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
February 9, 2010
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)

Short Research Presentation

(Three Minutes)

Prof. Eric Galbraith, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Adoption of Agenda

Agenda [.pdf]

MITACS Accelerate Program (Student Internship Program with Industry)

Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, Director of Business Development for MITACS (Ten Minutes)

Resolution on the Death of Professor Ronald Sinclair - Prof. P. Lasko

Candidates for Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-09-15 (To be Tabled)
  • Bachelor of Science - S-09-16 (To be Tabled)
  • Diploma in Environment - S-09-17 (To be Tabled)
  • Diploma in Meteorology - S-09-18 (To be Tabled)

Minutes of December 1, 2009

Minutes [.pdf]

Business Arising from the Minutes

Reports of Committees

(a) Academic Committee - S-09-19 [.pdf]
Click here for Academic Committee Documents
(b) Scholarships Committee -
(i) New Awards - S-09-20 [.pdf]
(ii) Dean’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Lists - S-09-21 (To be Tabled)

Report on Actions of Senate

  • Prof. P. Lasko: Senate Meeting of December 1, 2009
  • Prof. P. Grütter: Senate Meeting of January 20, 2010

Members' Question Period

Other Business

Wine & Cheese Reception

Academic Committee Documents

The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 and Tuesday, January 26, 2009

New Programs

(1) Geography & McGill School of Environment

B.A. & Sc. Program

Interfaculty Program in Sustainability, Science and Society - AC-09-51[.pdf]

Associated Courses:

(2) School of Computer Science B.Sc. Program

Honours in Software Engineering - AC-09-54[.pdf]

Associated Courses:

(3) Redpath Museum

Minor in Natural History - AC-09-62[.pdf]

Major Program Changes

(1) School of Computer Science

(i) B.Sc. Program:

  • Major in Software Engineering - AC-09-55 [.pdf] ,
  • Core Science Component in Sofware Engineering - AC-09-56 [.pdf] ,

(ii) B.A. & Sc. Program:

  • Major Concentration in Software Engineering - AC-09-57[.pdf],

New Courses

(1) Biology

(2) Geography

Major Course Changes

(1) Mathematics and Statistics

Minor Course Changes (For Information Only)

(i) Report on Minor Course Changes AC-09-46[.pdf]
Relevant Documents: MCC-09-29[.pdf]

(ii) Report on Minor Course Changes AC-09-69 [.pdf]
Relevant Documents: AC-09-66[.pdf]

Minor Program Changes (For Information Only)

Report on Minor Program Changes - AC-09-P3[.pdf]
Relevant Documents: AC-09-63[.pdf], AC-09-64[.pdf], AC-09-65 [.pdf] and AC-09-67[.pdf]

Other (For Approval)

(i) Guidelines for Course Levels AC-09-59 (Draft 2) [.pdf]

(ii) Propose Curriculum of the Med-P Year AC-09-60 (Version 2)[.pdf]

Other (For Information Only)

(i) Dean’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Lists (DMURL):
- AGRI 519 Sustainable Development Plans (6 credits)
- PHAR 599 Research Projects in Pharmacology (6 credits)

(ii) School of Computer Science B.A. Program Changes:
- Major Concentration in Software Engineering
- Supplementary Minor Concentration in Computer Science

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