November 6, 2007

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


(Three Minutes)

  • Prof. William Minarik, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • Prof. Audrey Moores, Department of Chemistry

Adoption of Agenda

Minutes of October 9, 2007

S-07-12 [.pdf]

Business Arising from the Minutes

Motion to Amend the Constitution of the Faculty of Science

Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Education) Burns:

Reports of Committees

Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton:

(a) Disciplinary Report - S-07-14 To be Tabled
(b) New Award - S-07-16 [.pdf]

Associate Dean (Academic) Hendren:

(c) Academic Committee - S-07-15 [.pdf]
Click Here for Academic Committee Documents

Dean's Business

(a) Faculty of Science Winners of Principals Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

- Full Professor Category: Prof. Richard Koestner, Department of Psychology
- Assistant Professor Category: Prof. Paul Wiseman (Currently Associate Professor), Department of Chemistry & Department of Physics

(b) Principals Awards for Administrative and Support Staff

- M Category: Ms. Kathryn Peterson, Department of Biology (Currently Director of Administration, Faculty of Science)
- T Category: Mr. Alfred Kluck, Department of Chemistry

(c) Balancing the Academic and Accounting Worlds:

How to be a research-intensive, student-centred University, while keeping our cheque books balanced.
Discussion: Committee of the Whole (15 minutes)
Chair: Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Education) Burns

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. I. Butler: Senate Meeting of October 10, 2007

Members' Question Period

Other Business


In Celebration of the Faculty of Science Winners of Principal's Awards
- In the Foyer Outside Leacock 232

Academic Committee Documents

New Programs


Major Program Changes


New Courses

(1) Anatomy & Cell Biology/Mining, Metals & Materials Engineering
ANAT 5XX/MIME 5XX - AC-07-14 [.pdf]AC-07-14A [.pdf]
(2) Earth & Planetary Sciences
EPSC 199 - AC-07-5 [.pdf]
EPSC 340 - AC-07-15 [.pdf]
(3) Redpath Museum
REDM 400 - AC-07-20 [.pdf]

Major Course Changes

Report on Minor Course Changes - AC-07-13 [.pdf]
(1) Earth & Planetary Sciences
EPSC 203 - MCC-07-1 [.pdf]
EPSC 452 - MCC-07-2 [.pdf]
(2) Physics
PHYS 214 - MCC-07-3 [.pdf]
PHYS 225 - MCC-07-4
PHYS 230 - MCC-07-5 [.pdf]
PHYS 232 - MCC-07-6
PHYS 241 - MCC-07-7 [.pdf]
PHYS 251 - MCC-07-8 [.pdf]
PHYS 253 - MCC-07-9 [.pdf]
PHYS 260 - MCC-07-10 [.pdf]
PHYS 340 - MCC-07-11 [.pdf]
(3) Biology
BIOL 308, BIOL 385, BIOL 215 - MCC-07-12 [.pdf]
BIOL 205 - MCC-07-13 [.pdf]
BIOL 301 - MCC-07-14 [.pdf]
BIOL 306 - AC-07-21 [.pdf]
Report on Minor Program Changes - AC-07-P1 [.pdf]
(1) Earth & Planetary Sciences
Major in Earth & Planetary Sciences - AC-07-16 [.pdf]
Honours in Earth Sciences - AC-07-17 [.pdf]
Honours in Planetary Sciences - AC-07-18 [.pdf]
Core Science Component in Earth & Planetary Sciences - AC-07-19 [.pdf]

Other (For Information Only)

(i) Online Course Proposal/Revision Forms
(ii) SCTP: Streamlining Course Revisions - AC-07-22 [.pdf]
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