April 8, 2008

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


(Three Minutes)

- Prof. Paul Kry, School of Computer Science
- Prof. Bruno Tremblay, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Adoption of Agenda

AGENDA [.pdf]

Resolution on the Death of Professor Michael Herschorn

- Professor David Wolfson, Chair, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Minutes of February 12, 2008

MINUTES [.pdf]

Business Arising from the Minutes

Reports of Committees

a) Committee on Student Standing -To be Tabled
b) Academic Committee
Associate Dean Hendren - AC-07-29 [.pdf] On Web
Click Here for Academic Committee Documents

Provost Anthony C. Masi

- Presentation followed by Questions and Answers
- Powerpoint Presentation [.ppt]
- Follow-up Letter [.pdf]

Report on SUS Peer Tutoring

- Ms. Michele Retrouvey, President of SUS Peer Tutoring
- Mr. William Carroll, Feedback Coordinator

Dean's Business

Possibility of a B.Sc./M.Sc. Degree
Discussion: Committee of the Whole (15 minutes)
Chair: Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Education) Burns

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. K. GowriSankaran: Senate Meeting of December 5, 2007
- Prof. D. Harpp: Senate Meeting of February 13, 2008
- Prof. N. Roulet: Senate Meeting of March 5, 2008
- Prof. D. Ryan: Senate Meeting of March 26, 2008

Members' Question Period

Other Business


Foyer Outside Leacock 232, After the Meeting

Academic Committee Documents

New Programs

(1) BIOLOGY (New Option)
Ph.D. in Biology; Developmental Biology Option - AC-07-97 [.pdf]

Major Program Changes


New Courses

CHEM 319 - AC-07-102 [.pdf]

Major Course Changes


Report on Minor Course Changes (For Information only)- AC-07-94 [.pdf]

CHEM 111 - MCC-07-44 [.pdf]
CHEM 113 - MCC-07-45 [.pdf]
CHEM 121 - MCC-07-46 [.pdf]
CHEM 123 - MCC-07-47 [.pdf]
CHEM 203 - MCC-07-48 [.pdf]
CHEM 381 - MCC-07-49 [.pdf]
CHEM 345 - MCC-07-50 [.pdf]
CHEM 367 - MCC-07-51 [.pdf]
CHEM 393 - MCC-07-52 [.pdf]
CHEM 253 - MCC-07-53 [.pdf]
CHEM 363 - AC-07-96 [.pdf]

Report on Minor Course Changes (For Information only)-g> AC-07-99 [.pdf]

GEOG 309 - MCC-07-54 [.pdf]

Report on Minor Program Changes (For Information only)- AC-07-P4 [.pdf]

M.Sc. in Earth & Planetary Sciences - AC-07-100 [.pdf]
Ph.D. in Earth & Planetary Sciences - AC-07-101 [.pdf]

Other (For Information Only)

(1) Course Descriptions - To be Tabled
(2) The Role of the Honours Programs - AC-07-104 [.pdf]
(3) High School Curriculum Reform
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