October 10, 2006

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)

Adoption of Agenda [.pdf]

Candidates for Degrees

a) Bachelor of Science - S-06-7 To be Tabled

b) Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-06-8 To be Tabled

c) Diploma in Environment - S-06-9 To be Tabled

d) Diploma in Meteorology - S-06-10 To be Tabled

Minutes of September 12, 2006 [.pdf]

Business Arising for the Minutes

Reports of Committees

a) Committee on Student Standing - S-06-11 To be Tabled

- Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton

b) Academic Committee - S-06-12 [.pdf]

- Associate Dean (Academic) Hendren
Click Here for Academic Committee Documents

c) Scholarships Committee – New Award S-06-13 To be Tabled

- Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton

Dean's Business

Initiatives to Improve Graduate Education in the Faculty of Science
- Discussion: Committee of the Whole (15 minutes)
- Chair: Associate Dean (Research) David Burns

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. D. Ryan: Senate Meeting of September 20, 2006

Members' Question Period

Other Business


(Three Minutes)

- Professor Michel Loreau, Dept. of Biology
- Professor Bernhard Lehner, Dept. of Geography
- Professor Brigitte Vachon, Dept. of Physics

Faculty of Science Reception

In the Foyer Outside Leacock 232

Academic Committee Documents

New Programs

(1) Ad hoc Programs
Ad hoc Honours Program in Cognitive Science -
AC-06-2 To be Tabled
Ad hoc Honours Program in Computer Science for B. A. Student- AC-06-3 To be Tabled
Ad hoc Honours Program in Neuroscience -
AC-06-4 To be Tabled
(2)Mathematics & Statistics
Major Concentration in Mathematics for Management Students - AC-06-10 [.pdf]
Major Concentration in Statistics for Management Students - AC-06-11 [.pdf]

Major Program Changes

(1) Mathematics & Statistics
Minor in Mathematics - AC-06-08 [.pdf]
Minor in Statistics - AC-06-09 [.pdf]
Program Retirement
Major in Mathematics for Management Students - AC-06-12 [.pdf]

New Courses

(1) Pharmacology & Therapeutics
PHAR 558 - AC-06-05 [.pdf]
(2) Biology/Natural Resource Sciences
BIOL 350 (Revision)/ENTO 350 (New) - AC-06-13A [.pdf]
BIOL 590 - AC-06-14 [.pdf]
Report on Minor Course Changes - AC-06-01 [.pdf]
(1) Biology
BIOL 215 - MCC-06-1 [.pdf]
(2) Pharmacology & Therapeutics
PHAR 504 - MCC-06-2 [.pdf]
(3) Mathematics & Statistics
MATH 340 - MCC-06-3 < [.pdf]/dd>
(4) Psychology
PSYC 315 - MCC-06-4 [.pdf]

Other (For Approval)

(1) K Grade Extensions for Research Courses
(2) Faculty Standard Calculators

Other (For Information Only)

- The Delivery and Evaluation Mechanisms of Undergraduate Science Courses - AC-06-17 [.pdf]
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