September 13, 2005

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
3:00- 4:00, Leacock Council Room (232)

Agenda, September 13, 2005  [.pdf]

Minutes, May 24, 2005 - S-04-43 [.pdf]

Seating of Student Members
S-05-1 To be Tabled

Reports of Committees

a) Scholarship Committee
-Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton
S-04-44 To be Tabled

b) Nominating Committee
S-05-2 To be Tabled

c) Committee on Student Standing
-Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton
S-05-3 To be Tabled

Dean's Business

a) Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Conference

b) Program Review

c) Freshman Interest Group (FIGS) Proposal
Freshman Interest Group (FIGS) Proposal - S-05-4  [.pdf]

d) New Professors in the Faculty of Science
New Professors in the Faculty of Science - S-05-5 [.pdf]

Report on Actions of Senate

  • Prof. M. Mendelson, Senate Meeting of April 13, 2005
  • Prof. C. Lin, Senate Meeting of May 25, 2005

Members' Question Period

Other Business

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