December 7, 2004

Agenda for Faculty of Science Meeting December 7, 2004, 2004 [.pdf]

Minutes of Faculty of Science Meeting on November 9, 2004 - S-04-17 [.pdf]

Academic Committee Report - S-4-18 [.pdf]

Nominating Committee Report


Other Reports or Academic Business

Online Course Evaluation (MOLE) Report [.pdf]
AC-04-34 (REV)

New Programs


New Courses

ATOC 240 AC-04-42 [.pdf]
(New Course: Science of Storms)

PHYS 202 AC-04-43 [.pdf]
(New Course: Everyday Physics: A Baker's Dozen)

PHYS 478 AC-04-44 [.pdf]
(New Course: Short Research Project)

COGS 401 AC-04-46 [.pdf]
(New Course: Research Cognitive Science 1)

COGS 402 AC-04-47 [.pdf]
(New Course: Research Cognitive Science 2)

PSYC 329 AC-04-49 [.pdf]
(New Course: Introduction to Auditory Cognition)

PSYC 537 AC-04-50 [.pdf]
(New Course: Advanced Seminar in Psychology of Language)

COMP 552/MATH 552 AC-04-63/AC-04-64

COMP 552 AC-04-63 [.pdf]
(New Course: Combinatorial Optimization)

MATH 552 AC-04-64 [.pdf]
(New Course: Combinatorial Optimization)

MATH 590 AC-04-65 [.pdf]
(New Course: Advanced Set Theory)

COMP 649 AC-04-69 [.pdf]
(New Course: Quantum Cryptography)

Major Program Changes

Faculty Program in Cognitive Science - AC-04-48 [.pdf]

(B.A. & Sc. Program Changes)

Honours in Psychology - AC -04-62 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)

Major Course Changes

PSYC 395 AC-04-52 [.pdf]

PSYC 450 AC-04-53  [.pdf]

PSYC 494 AC-04-54 [.pdf]

PSYC 495 AC-04-55 [.pdf]

PSYC 496 AC-04-56 [.pdf]

PSYC 497 AC-04-57 [.pdf]

PSYC 498 AC-04-58 [.pdf]

PSYC 380 AC-04-59 [.pdf]

Minor Course Changes (For Information)

Minor Course Changes AC-04-41 [.pdf]

(List of Minor Course Changes)

PSYC 304 MCC-04-27 [.pdf]

PSYC 413 MCC-04-28 [.pdf]

PSYC 414 MCC-04-29 [.pdf]

PSYC 482 MCC-04-30 [.pdf]

PSYC 529 MCC-04-31 [.pdf]

PSYC 541 MCC-04-32 [.pdf]

PSYC 561 MCC-04-33 [.pdf]

PSYC 410 MCC-04-34 [.pdf]

PSYC 213 MCC-04-35 [.pdf]

PSYC 316 MCC-04-36 [.pdf]

MATH 488 MC-04-37 [.pdf]

Minor Program Changes (For Information)

Minor Program Changes AC-04-P3 [.pdf]

(List of Minor Program Changes)

Joint Honours in Physics and Chemistry [.pdf]

Major in Psychology - AC-04-61 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)

Honours in Mathematics & Statistics - AC-04-66 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)

Honours in Applied Mathematics - AC-04-67 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)

Honours in Probability & Statistics - AC-04-68 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)

Honours in Computer Science - AC-04-70 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)

Major in Software Engineering - AC-04-71 [.pdf]

(B.Sc. Program Changes)


Academic Program Review Process - AC-04-35 [.pdf]
(Academic Program Review - Previously Circulated)
Detailed Procedural Guidelines - AC-04-36 [.pdf]
(Academic Program Review - Previously Circulated)

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