The main focus of SASSI at McGill University is to create top quality research relevant to elite sports. Adopting a multidisciplinary research approach, SASSI aspires to better understand the performance, training and psychology of elite athletes. SASSI will bring together Sport Science disciplines of physiology, psychology neurostimulation and locomotion, biomechanics, nutrition, and health interventions. The institute will also seek collaborations with other McGill University faculties that share an interest and can contribute to sport science research.

SASSI will operate based on three key pillars:

Three Pillars of the Sylvan Adams Sport Science Institute


  • Scientific knowledge and innovation for elite sport training, performance and overall human health
  • World-class researchers in a variety of sports science disciplines
  • Collaboration with an extensive network of researchers throughout McGill University and international institutions


  • Based in the heart of SASSI, allows for the training of students to become the future of sport research
  • Creation of new academic programs focused on high performance sport
  • Travel, funding, and mentorship opportunities for students
  • PhD student co-supervisions with international institutions

Knowledge Translation and Outreach

  • Dissemination of research outcomes through international symposia and workshops
  • Social impact through direct relationships with community organizations and international sports associations
  • Translation of laboratory-based research to the field
  • Collaboration with coaching and support staff to discover ideal evidence-based approaches and best practices

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