Welcome to the Simulation, Affect, Innovation, Learning, and Surgery Lab!


Our research, directed by Dr. Jason M. Harley, advances knowledge and best practices for surgical education, simulations, health sciences, emotion regulation, medical technology, and team training (e.g., communication, collaboration, leadership).

More specifically, our research aims to enhance surgical and medical education by applying psychological and educational theories, interdisciplinary research methods, and leveraging advanced technologies. SAILS Lab research is primarily informed by theories of affective and cognitive regulation in educational and training environments, including Dr. Harley’s recently published integrated model of emotion regulation in achievement situations. Methodologically, our mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) research draws on both objective (e.g., skin conductance, facial recognition software, eyetracking) and subjective (self-report instruments, semi-structured interviews) measures of emotion and cognition. This program of research aims to maximize the success of medical and surgical outcomes by reducing adverse events and inefficiencies, especially those associated with the incidence of undesirable and un-regulated emotions and burnout. We also aim to enhance surgical training with emerging technologies, including robotics, AR/VR, AI, and games.

Dr. Harley joined McGill and the MUHC-RI on August 1st, 2019 after serving as an assistant professor at the University of Alberta for 3.5-years. Please stay tuned for updates to this (very new) website and thanks for visiting. Please see Dr. Harley’s faculty profile page for more information about them.

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