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Advancing RNA Discovery into Therapeutics and Biotechnologies

The McGill Centre for RNA Sciences (MCRS) unites world-class researchers to foster excellence in interdisciplinary RNA sciences at McGill and partner institutions, through training and translation of RNA discoveries into innovative clinical and technological applications.

The Centre’s common infrastructure, as it is progressively developed, will be distributed and organized to integrate common and interdisciplinary discovery research, training and translational initiatives for the RNA research community. The MCRS will foster and enrich scientific collaborations through events, team grants, training opportunities and the sharing of data, expertise and research resources. Common RNA technology platforms will be developed and operated in partnership with departments, faculties and clinicians, providing properly structured training within the common spaces of the Centre.

40+ Groups lead research programs on RNA sciences
$100 M Federal and private investments in RNA sciences

RNA Centre News

Welcome from the Director

A joint effort between the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering and Science, the McGill Centre for RNA Sciences harnesses the tremendous potential of RNA functions in biotechnologies and treatments for a broad variety of human diseases.

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Fulfilling critical needs in the RNA sciences at McGill:

1.  Consolidating collaborative RNA research and favouring interdisciplinarity.

2.  Building direct and efficient partnership and engagement of clinical and industrial partners.

3.  Creating an integrated and accessible suite of platforms at McGill for the seamless acceleration of RNA discoveries.

4.  Meeting the needs of the next generation of RNA scientists to follow emerging career paths in industry, the clinic, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and entrepreneurship.

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