Vision and Objectives


The McGill Centre for RNA Sciences will unite world-class researchers to foster excellence in interdisciplinary RNA sciences at McGill and partner institutions, through training and translation of RNA discoveries into innovative clinical and technological applications.

The Centre’s common infrastructure, as it is progressively developed, will be distributed and organized to integrate common and interdisciplinary discovery research, training and translational initiatives for the RNA research community. The MCRS will foster and enrich scientific collaborations through events, team grants, training opportunities and the sharing of data, expertise and research resources. Common RNA technology platforms will be developed and operated in partnership with departments, faculties and clinicians, providing properly structured training within the common spaces of the Centre.


1- Discovery through promotion of the RNA sciences at McGill and among affiliated institutions.

Anticipated outcome: Creation of research and innovation programs at newly created intersects of RNA scientific and technological domains, thus improving funding success from government agencies and private sectors.

2- Uniting a community of inter-disciplinary researchers at McGill that will include expert biomedical researchers, clinicians, chemists, and engineers.

Improvement of scientific collaboration and cohesion across all RNA sciences at McGill, thus maximizing resource usage and creating opportunities to seize novel research and innovation spaces. Improvement in scientific output and quality across all RNA sciences.

3- Translating RNA discoveries towards clinical, prophylactic and therapeutic applications.

Creation of mechanisms and infrastructures to accelerate knowledge translation towards clinical applications of RNA technologies at McGill and with partner hospital institutes. Development of the first RNA-based therapeutics at McGill.

4- Innovating in RNA technologies and applications and commercialize in start-ups, spinoffs and in partnerships with industry.

Development of novel RNA-based technologies and leveraging their value in-house. Creation of a culture of RNA entrepreneurship in the McGill ecosystem. Acceleration and capitalization on RNA intellectual property, patents, and licences.

5- Training highly qualified personnel (HQP) to take advantage of the full diversity of career opportunities in RNA sciences, therapeutics and technologies.

Creation of attractive and unique training opportunities on technology platforms and in labs. Development of rare and valuable skillsets in RNA sciences, enabling career paths at the forefront of the emerging RNA industry.

6- Educating the public on RNA sciences, therapeutics, and technologies, directly through outreach events and by providing a go-to resource to media outlets.

Creation of novel spaces for public education, impacting acceptability in RNA-based therapeutics and technologies, and creating opportunities for University advancement. Positioning McGill as the authority in RNA sciences and technologies in the country.


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