PTPS 2024 Junior Scholars Workshop

We seek paper proposals for the fifth Political Theory In/And/As Political Science (PTPS) Junior Scholars Workshop, which will take place at New York University on May 3-4, 2024. An ongoing collaboration among faculty at Duke, McGill, NYU, and Stanford, PTPS aims to promote research in normative political theory situated in the empirical social sciences.

We invite proposals from scholars with the Ph.D. in hand who hold postdoctoral fellowships, who have not yet held a tenure-track appointment, or who have held a tenure-track appointment for less than four years. Four to six article-length unpublished political theory papers will be accepted for presentation at a works-in-progress workshop, at which faculty from the PTPS collaborative group will serve as commentators, along with David Wiens (UCSD), who will offer a keynote address. Papers should recognizably draw on and/or contribute to empirical or positive modes of inquiry in political science. Co-authored papers are welcome, especially co-authored papers that represent a collaboration between scholars working in normative political theory and those in other subfields of political science.

To apply, please submit an abstract (no more than 1000 words) and curriculum vitae to Melissa Schwartzberg at ms268 [at] with Junior Scholars Workshop in the subject line. The deadline is December 15, 2023. Authors will receive travel expenses and a $500 honorarium for their participation.
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