PTPS 2021 Junior Scholars' Workshop

Held virtually as part of the RGCS conference on "Constitutionalism and the Free Society"


May 1, 2021


May 1

11 am Eastern

Alice Baderin, Reading; Lucy Barnes, UCL; and Lindsey Richards, Oxford: “Inequality: From Distribution to Relationships”

Discussant: Josiah Ober, Stanford


Glory Liu, Harvard: “What’s the Matter with Inequality? Evidence from Surveys”

Discussant: Melissa Schwartzberg, NYU


2 pm

Alexandru Marcoci, UNC Chapel Hill; and Alexandra Oprea, ANU: "Free Speech, Liberal Character, and the Educational Mission of the University"

Discussant: Alison McQueen, Stanford


Tamar Malloy, University of Colorado, Boulder: "Reading, Writing, Respectability: The Disproportionate Application and Effects of Respectability Requirements in U.S. Schools"

Discussant: Rob Reich, Stanford


4 pm

Agnes Tam, Concordia, "Do Liberals Have to Fear Identity-Expressive Populism?"

Discussant: Jack Knight, Duke


Maxime Lepoutre, Reading, "Political Understanding"

Discussant: Jacob T. Levy, McGill

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