Membership of the Subcommittee on Racialized and Ethnic Persons 2015-2016


Bobby Ansari, MUHC
Emil Briones, Faculty of Dentistry (Secretary)
Anne-Marie Huynh, Planning and Institutional Analysis
Charmaine Lyn, Faculty of Medicine
Sarah Malik, Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) - until November 2, 2015
Margaret Morgan-Adlam, Faculty of Arts
Kathleen Ng, Office of Sustainability
Adrienne Piggott, ISR (Chair)
Malek Yalaoui, Faculty of Science
Shanice Yarde, Social Education and Diversity Education (SEDE) - beginning March 1, 2016
Emily Yee Clare, Student Housing and Hospitality


Hannah Berman, MCSS

Regine Debrosse, PGSS

Rene Iwo, SSMU

Haidee Smith Lefebvre, PhD candidate (Education)

If you are interested in membership, please contact the rep.equity [at] (subject: Membership%20in%20SSCREP) (Chair).

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