Welcome to the website of the Senate Subcommittee on Racialized and Ethnic Persons!

We are a multi-stakeholder group committed to advancing issues and policies of importance to Racialized and Ethnic Persons in the McGill community. Our group meets monthly to discuss ways in which we can improve the climate for Racialized and Ethnic Persons, as well as fostering relationships and creating a safe space for exchanging ideas and experiences that relate the realities of our community within the larger McGill context.


The Subcommittee on Raclialized and Ethnic Persons has existed in various incarnations for over twenty years, and continues to be relevant to this day. As the needs of the community evolve, the Subcommittee seeks to continue to advance the policies and perspectives that create a more inclusive and supportive environment in our institution.

News and Events

There are currently no events available.

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