Terms of reference

Joint Board of Governors and Senate Subcommittee on Racialized and Ethnic Persons

1.      Authority

The Subcommittee on Racialized and Ethnic Persons (the “Subcommittee”) is created by and is responsible to the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity.

Should the Subcommittee be unable to resolve an issue within the guidelines of these terms of reference, the terms of reference of the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity will be adopted.
Should the Subcommittee’s terms of reference conflict with those set forth by the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity, the latter will prevail.
Should changes to these terms of reference be required, they must first be approved by the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity.

2.     Mandate

The primary mandate of the Subcommittee is to make recommendations to the University on affairs relating to Racialized and Ethnic Persons.

The Subcommittee will also foster community engagement and actively promote initiatives that demonstrate McGill’s commitment to diversity in its community.
The Subcommittee will endeavor to research and learn from the best practices in peer institutions from creating a climate of diversity leadership.
The Subcommittee will issue an annual report to the McGill community and interim reports as needed.

3.      Confidentiality

In order to facilitate an inclusionary environment, it is deemed that all discussions of the Subcommittee are considered public, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

4.      Composition

The Subcommittee should be representative of the McGill community.  To this end, membership should include members of Faculty and Staff, as well as Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Annual invitations to sit on the Subcommittee will be sent to members of the University community. Those interested will be invited to attend.
The maximum number of Subcommittee members is set at 40.

5.      Duration of Membership

The Chair appointment is a three-year (3) renewable term, appointed by the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity.

All other members are invited to sit on the Subcommittee on a one-year (1) renewable term.

6.      Responsibilities of the Chair

To act as liaison between the Subcommittee and the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity.

To act as the official voice of the Subcommittee.
To name delegates to act as his or her proxy.
To oversee the Subcommittee’s activities, as relevant.
To hold all official documents produced by the Subcommittee.
To convene all meetings of the Subcommittee.
All other duties, as required.

7.      Responsibilities of the Members

Attend at least 70% of Subcommittee meetings over the Academic year.

Participate in at least one initiative undertaken by the Subcommittee.
Remain respectful of other Subcommittee members during all proceedings.
Follow through on any commitments on deliverables made to the Subcommittee.
Failure to respect these responsibilities may result in the non-renewal of term.

8.      Meeting Arrangements

The Subcommittee will meet at least once per two (2) months, unless the Chair determines it is necessary to convene a meeting before such time.

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