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The Fossils' Tale

Redpath Museum gallery guideThis lavishly illustrated book is a self-guided tour through the history of life exhibits in the Dawson Gallery. The Fossils’ Tale explains why fossils are important, how they’re formed, and what they tell us about who walked this planet before us. The 96-page book contains detailed descriptions and beautiful photographs of museum exhibits and fossil specimens that tell the amazing tale of life on Earth over its four and a half billion year history.

$15 CAD with a cash or cheque contribution made to: Redpath Museum/McGill University. Shipping included. For book orders, contact sarah.pimpaneau [at] mcgill.ca (Sarah Pimpaneau) or call 514-398-4086 ext. 00549.


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Annual booklet of essays and student research papers. Produced by Redpath Museum Society. 

2015 Vol. iv, Editor Rosy Teed and Aimee Wang

2014 Vol. iii, Editor Sarah Popov and Kaitlin Bleho PDF icon behind_the_roddick_gates_volume_iii.pdf

2013 Vol. ii, Editor Katherine Wilson

2012 Vol. i, Editor Jarred Ditkowsky

COMITÉ SUR LES NOMS FRANÇAIS STANDARDISÉS (David M. Green, président du comité)

Comité sur les noms français standardisés (David M. Green, président du comité). 2012. Noms français standardisés des amphibiens et des reptiles d'Amérique du nord au nord du Mexique (Standard French Names of Amphibians and Reptiles of North America North of Mexico). SSAR and Redpath Museum.