Interventional Radiology Residency Program

A Message from Dr. Boucher, Program Director, Interventional Radiology Residency Program

Welcome to the McGill University Interventional Radiology Residency Program!

We’re extremely happy that you have chosen to join us to learn the skills and knowledge of the most exciting medical discipline there is … at least according to our team… Interventional Radiology. IR is a discipline that is continuously changing and at the forefront of technology and patient health care. It takes from the best elements of diagnostic radiology, procedural based medicine, patient centered clinical medicine, multi-disciplinary health care, and does this in the setting of a team working environment. We are excited to have you as an integral part of our team.

During your time in this residency program, you will have the opportunity to interact with multiple staff interventional radiologists with various background interests, multiple fellows often with international backgrounds, other residents, technologists, nurses, etc. McGill is a world-class training facility with state of the art equipment at all our centers. The teaching you will receive, ranging from basic venous access and its difficulties to high end oncological treatments, will give you the skill set needed to work in any IR centre in the world.

You will gain experience in becoming a valuable member of the global health care team through participating in on call activities, multidisciplinary rounds, clinics, and regular daily consults.

Your research project will allow you to develop your critical thinking and your participation in the progress of the IR field itself. We look forward to seeing you present your project at our annual resident research day, at international IR meetings, and in the form of a publication. In addition, input from a quality improvement project or audit performed by residents are greatly appreciated by the entire team to help us continue to strengthen our department.

Our experience with our fellowship program has allowed us to build an extremely sought-after IR training environment. Throughout your residency you will have close contact with the daily staffs who will provide continuous training, as well as weekly academic half-days, occasionally provided by some world-renowned visiting professors. Graduates that come out are very appreciative of the learning opportunities they have had and tend to want to keep close contacts with us in the long-term, something we all greatly appreciate.

We have no doubt that at the end of this residency, you will come out a well-rounded interventional radiologist, ready to approach the field with confidence, creativity, and passion. We look forward to seeing you blossom into this person during the next years. Interventional radiology is a continuously evolving discipline and all of us are learning as we walk down the path it offers. Thanks again for joining us and exploring this path with us!

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