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The Quebec Studies Program is an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts that fosters interdisciplinary studies on Quebec history, culture and society.

Since 1963 with the establishment of the Centre d’études canadiennes-françaises, McGill has made a significant contribution to Quebec Studies. In 1985, the Centre became a Program (1985), and then in 1993 was transformed into the Quebec Studies Program (QSP) as it exists today.

With support from individual departments, a Minor Concentration is offered. This program consists of a coherent series of courses that provide an interdisciplinary perspective on Quebec society in both Canadian and international contexts.

Should their main field of study be Quebec, graduate students must apply to the department of their primary discipline. Graduate students taking courses dealing in whole or in part with Quebec, or who are studying Quebec as their special field of study, are welcome to make use of the facilities of the Quebec Studies Program.

The Quebec Studies Program aims to enhance McGill students' academic experience by giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in Quebec's language, history and culture.

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Academic Mission and Principal Objectives

  • To ensure an excellent education in Quebec Studies within the Faculty of Arts, emphasizing interdisciplinary and complimentary approaches.
  • To exercise a leadership role in research and innovation not only in the Faculty of Arts, but also in concert with other faculties at McGill. The QSP also looks to build bridges with other universities in Quebec, Canada and on the international stage.
  • To educate university students so they can critically interpret and understand Quebec’s social, historic and political realities.
  • To allow McGill students and researchers who study Quebec to create links with other universities, both francophone and anglophone, as well as public and private organizations.
  • To give Quebec Studies student Summer Internship possibilities in well known Quebec public and private institutions



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