Kristine H. Onishi

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor


Contact Information:


Office: 2001 McGill College, 755
Phone: 514.398.1725


Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
2001 McGill College, 7th floor
Montreal, QC
H3A 1G1



Research Areas:

Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience | Developmental Science

Research Summary:

Cognitive development and language acquisition in infants and adults; learning about sound structures; infants understanding of others' actions.

Selected References:

Pitts, C. Onishi, K. H., & Vouloumanos, A. (2015). Who can communicate with whom? Language experience affects infants' evaluation of others as monolingual or multilingual. Cognition, 134, 185-192.

Seidl, A., Cristà , A., & Onishi, K. H. (2014). Talker variation aids infants' phonotactic learning. Language Learning and Development, 10(4), 297-307.

Martin, A., Onishi, K. H., & Vouloumanos, A. (2012). Understanding the abstract role of speech in communication at 12 months. Cognition, 123, 50-60.

Chambers, K. E., Onishi, K. H., & Fisher, C. (2010). A vowel is a vowel: Generalizing newly-learned phonotactic constraints to new contexts. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 36(3), 821-828.

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