Undergraduate Research Day

Every year, projects carried out by psychology undergraduate students culminate in a day-long research event, with poster sessions, talks, and a reception. Faculty, students, and Psychology staff come together to celebrate the hard work and excellence in ongoing undergraduate research at McGill.

This year, the ongoing pandemic kept us from celebrating this event in person, but we wanted to recognize the commitment, passion, strength, and hard work of our undergraduates through a "virtual poster board" in order to highlight their outstanding achievements. While this year’s celebration is different in delivery, the spirit and pride we convey remains the same!

The moderating effects of family sex communication on the sexual functioning and sexual risk taking of female survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Phonological activation among Chinese L1, English L2 bilinguals during silent first and second language reading



Social Media Use and Interpersonal Perception Accuracy in Romantic Relationships




Synchrony between friends and across the developmental periods of late-childhood and mid-adolescence

How do people foster a feeling of being understood by a romantic partner?


Is coping style central to the relationship between emotion facial recognition and negative symptoms in people with schizophrenia?

Paying Attention to the Self: A Systematic Review of the Conceptualization of the Self and Related Variables in Mindfulness

Invariant personality items using multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis


Individuals with binge eating symptoms show greater self-reported wanting and liking, but not greater physiological responses, to images of personalized versus non-personalized foods

The connection between sexual aggression and different aspects of empathy in male college students

The impact of non-shared experiences in close relationships


The relationship between error-related negativity and self-criticism in first year undergraduate students

Cardiovascular reactivity to stress in early pregnancy


Interactions between the language system and the visual system in bilinguals

Does postauricular reflex reactivity & self-reported reactions to high calorie food images predict binge eating in women?

Relationship between perceived injustice and recovery outcomes among individuals with musculoskeletal injuries

The intergenerational transmission of neural responses to reward



Modulation of Cognitive Effort Discounting via Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation



The impact of rehearsal on the constructive demands of autobiographical memories

Self-critical perfectionism components versus neuroticism predicting well-being over one year

The Four Facets of Mindful Eating Scale



Effect of a brief mindfulness intervention on cardiovascular activity in high-risk pregnant women

The relation between self-criticism and social comparison between people and across individuals’ life domains

Repeated stimulation of thalamic input to the nucleus accumbens elicits a compulsive phenotype in mice

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