Macnamara-Bregman Lecture Archive

Macnamara-Bregman Lecture

2021-22   Cindy Blackstock, McGill University, "Reconciliation: Is It What You Thought?"

Macnamara Lecture

2019-20   (cancelled) Susan Gelman, University of Michigan, "The Essential Child: What Children Can Teach Us About the Human Mind"

2018-19   Mark Sabbagh, Queen's University, "Preschoolers' changing minds"

2017-18   Susan Pinker, Journalist & Psychologist, "The Village Effect: Why Face to Face Contact Matters"

2016-17   Janet F. Werker, University of British Columbia, "Are there Critical Periods in Speech Perception Development?"

2015-16   Michael Corballis, University of Auckland, "The wandering mind: Mental time travel, theory of mind, and language."

2014-15   Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, Wilfrid Laurier University, "Globalization: Good or Bad for Human Rights?"

2013-14   Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker Magazine, "The anxieties of achievement and the ambiguities of accomplishment."

2012-13   Sandra Waxman, Northwestern University, "Word and Things: Linking Infants' Early Conceptual and Linguistic Capacities."

2010-11   James MacDougall, McGill University , "From Aristotle to the Arctic: Adventures in Deafness and Disability."

2010-11   Renee Baillargeon, Univeristy of Illinois, "Making sense of Others' Actions: Psychological Reasoning in Infancy."

2009-10   Margaret Lock, McGill University, "Eclipse of the gene and the return of divination."

2008-09   Rebecca Goldstein, Harvard University, "Spinoza’s Mind."

2006-08   Alison Gopnik, UC Berkeley, "Babies and Bayes nets: a cognitive and computational account of theory formation in children."

2005-06   Balfour Mount, McGill University, "On living and dying", with film by Gary Beitel, "The man who learned to fall."

2004-05   Elizabeth Spelke, Harvard University, "Language and core knowledge."

2004-05   Karen Wynn, Yale University, "Early Mechanisms of Cognition: Objects and number."

2003-04   Niles Eldredge, American Museum of Natural History, "What Drives Evolution?"

2002-03   Paul Bloom, Yale University, "How children learn the meanings of words."

2000-01   Susan Carey, New York University, "The origin of concepts: evolution versus culture."

1998-99   Richard Kearney, University College, Dublin, "The ethics of remembrance: Hamlet, Dora, Schindler."

1998-99   Steven Pinker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Words and Rules."

1997-98   Ray Jackendoff, Brandeis University, "The Natural Logic of Rights and Obligations."






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