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2022 - 2023 Lecture Series

Dr. Elizabeth Phelps
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Title: Mechanisms of Threat Control: Translational Challenges

Dr. Edward Rigdon
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA
Title: Regression Component Analysis: A Missing Link in Factor- / Composite-Based Structural Equation Modeling

Dr. Kate Harkness
Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada
Title: tbd

2021 - 2022 Lecture Series


2020 - 2021 Lecture Series


2019 - 2020 Lecture Series

Dr. Michael Sullivan
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title: The Psychology of Pain and Disability: The long road from the laboratory to changing clinical practice

Dr. Nilanjana Dasgupta
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA
Title: STEMing the Tide: How female scientists and peers act as ‘social vaccines’ to protect girls’ and women’s self-concept in STEM

Dr. David Kaplan
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA
Title: Recent Developments and Future Directions in Bayesian Model Averaging

Dr. Deanna Barch
Washington University in St-Louis, St-Louis, MO, USA
Title: Early Emergence of Depression: Understanding Risk Factors and Treatment

2018 - 2019 Lecture Series

Dr. Laura Stapleton
University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Title: Measurement modeling in psychology: construct validation in nested settings

Dr. Caroline Palmer
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title: Music-making, social interaction, and group synchrony

Dr. Nim Tottenham
Columbia University, NY, USA
Title: Emotional Brain Development and the Role of Early Experiences

Dr. Marlene Behrmann
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Title: Face and words recognition: Flip sides of the same coin?

2017 - 2018 Lecture Series

Dr. Patrick J. Curran
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Title: Integrative Data Analysis: A Promising Methodological Framework for Data Harmonization

Dr. Frances E. Aboud
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title: The McGill Ethiopia Salt Project: effects of iodizing salt on children’s cognitive functioning

Dr. Steven Hollon
Vanderbilt University, TN, USA
Title: Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy Enduring or Antidepressant Medications Iatrogenic?

Dr. Wendy Berry Mendes
University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA
Title: Affect contagion: Physiologic covariation among strangers and close others

Dr. Jerome Busemeyer
Indiana University, IN, USA
Title: What Is Quantum Cognition, and How Is It Applied to Psychology?

2016 - 2017 Lecture Series

Dr. Ian Gotlib
Stanford University, CA, USA
Title: Understanding and Reducing Risk for Depression

Dr. Fred Genesee
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title: Early Experience and Language Development: Lessons from Studies of Internationally-Adopted Children

Dr. Jim McNulty
Florida State University, FL, USA
Title: How theories of social cognition can inform relationship science, and vice versa

Dr. James Enns
University of British Columbia, Victoria, BC, Canada
Title: We read the body to reveal the mind

Dr. Herve Abdi
University of Texas at Dallas, TX, USA
Title: The First Thirty Years of The Principal Component Analysis Model For Face Processing: Going From Pictures to Brain

2015 - 2016 Lecture Series

Dr. Carol Krumhansl
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
Title: Music and Personal Memories

Dr. Robert Pihl
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title: Pathways to Pathology

Dr. Ken Sheldon
University of Missouri, MO, USA
Title: Knowing What to Want: Personal Goals, Self-Concordance, and the Organismic Valuing Process

Dr. Daniel Klein
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, USA
Title: A Natural Disaster as a Test of Personality and Neural Diathesis-Stress Models in Children and Mothers

Dr. Frans de Waal
Emory University, GA, USA
Title: Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

2014 - 2015 Lecture Series

Dr. Barbara Sherwin
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title: Sex Hormones and Cognitive Functioning in Older Women and Men

Dr. Kristopher Preacher
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA
Title: Computer-Intensive Methods for Investigating Indirect Effects

Dr. Naomi Eisenberger
University of California Los Angeles, CA, USA
Title: Social Pain and Pleasure: The Social Neuroscience of Rejection and Connection

Dr. A. David Redish
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Title: The Cognitive Rat: Looking Forward and Looking Back

Dr. Kia Nobre
Cardiff University
Title: Premembering Perception

Dr. John O'Keefe
University College London, England, UK
Title: The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map: How we got here and where we are going

2013 - 2014 Lecture Series

Dr. David Green
University of Oxford, England, UK
Title: Adaptive changes in the bilingual brain

Dr. Michael Petrides
McGill University
Title: The fronto-parietal circuit for monitoring and manipulating information in working memory

Dr. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau
University of Delaware
Title: Couples coping with breast cancer: Maintaining intimacy during adversity

Dr. Jon Maner
Florida State University
Title: The sights and smalls of close relationships: Hidden undercurrents in romantic attraction and relationship maintenance

Dr. John Aggleton
Cardiff University
Title: Understanding amnesia: Looking beyond the hippocampus (with some unhappy terminations)

2012 - 2013 Lecture Series

Dr. Bill Bukowski
Concordia University
Title: Sources of contextual/cultural variations in the functional significance of experience with peers

Dr. Jerry Siegal
University of California
Title: Why we Sleep?

Dr. Keith Payne
University of North Carolina
Title: Making meaning of the automatic mind

Dr. Jeffery Mogil
McGill University
Title: Mice are people too: Social modulation of and by pain in laboratory rodents and humans

Dr. Alan Kingstone
University of British Columbia
Title: Real vs. reel: does social attention in the lab differ from social attention in real life, and if so, why?

2011 - 2012 Lecture Series

Dr. Mark Snyder
University of Minnesota
Title: Making a Difference: The Who, When, and Why of Social Action

Dr. Jon Kaas
Vanderbilt University
Title: The Evolution of the Large Complex Brain

Dr. Josh Tenenbaum
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: How to grow a mind: Statistics, Structure and Abstraction

Dr. Karen Rudolph
University of Illinois, Champaign
Title: Moving Against and Away from the World: The Social and Mental Health Legacy of Peer Victimization

Dr. Lee Ross
Stanford University
Title: Misunderstanding, Conflict, and Dispute Resolution: Lessons from the Lab and the Real World

Dr. Gordon Logan
Vanderbilt University
Title: Hierarchical control of cognitive processes: The search for the grail

Dr. Don Taylor
McGill University
Title: Making a river flow back up the mountain: Towards constructive social change in Aboriginal Communities

2010 - 2011 Lecture Series

Dr. Wendi Gardner
Northwestern University
Title: Hungering for Acceptance: The Motivational Dynamics of Belonging Regulation

Dr. Michael Merzenich
University of California
Title: Brain Plasticity Across the Human Lifespan

Dr. Lynn Alden
University of British Columbia
Title: The Danger of Playing it Safe: An Interpersonal Perspective on Safety Behaviours

Dr. Mark G. Baxter
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Title: A Cholinergic Explanation of Dense Amnesia

Dr. Richard N. Aislin
University of Rochester
Title: The Dynamics of Information Processing in Infants: Eye-tracking and Neuroimaging

Dr. Timothy J. Strauman
Duke University
Title: A Self-Regulation Perspective on Depression

2009 - 2010 Lecture Series

Dr. David Shanks
University College London
Title: Are There Multiple Memory Systems in the Brain?

Dr. Daniel L. Schacter
Harvard University
Title: Constructive Memory and the Episodic Stimulation of Future Events: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

Dr. Mark Leary
Duke University
Title: The Social and Emotional Impact of Interpersonal Rejection

Dr. Stephen B. Dunnett
Cardiff University
Title: Functional Analysis of Striatal Repair

2008 - 2009 Lecture Series

Dr. Thomas Albright
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Title: In Your Mind's Eye: Common Neural Substrates for Seeing and Remembering

Dr. Roberta Gollinkof
University of Delaware
Title: How Do Children Learn Words? A View From The Radical Middle

Dr. Steven Hayes
University of Nevada
Title: From Psychosis to Chronic Pain and Everything in Between: Exploring the Curiously Board Impact of Acceptance, Mindfulness, and Values

2007 - 2008 Lecture Series

Dr. Susumo Tonegawa
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Molecular & Circuit Mechanisms for Hippocampal Memory

Dr. Mahzarin Banaji
Harvard University
Title: Implicit Social Cognition

Drs. Edvard & May-Britt Moser
Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Title: Spatial Representation in Entorhinal Grid Cells

Dr. Brian Junker
Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Some Issues & Applications in Cognitive Diagnosis & Educational Data Mining

Dr. Richard Ivry
University of California at Berkeley
Title: Cognitive Constraints on Action

Dr. Peter Gollwitzer
New York University
Title: Strategic Automaticity in Goal Striving

Dr. Bruce Wampold
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Psychotherapy: Relief Without the Side-Effects

2006 - 2007 Lecture Series

Dr. Philip Zelazo
University of Toronto
Title: Mechanisms Underlying the Development of Executive Function in Childhood

Dr. Olaf Sporns
Indiana University
Title: Computational Approaches to Brain Connectivity, Dynamics and Embodiment

Dr. Richard Davidson
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Order and Disorder in the Emotional Brain

2005 - 2006 Lecture Series

Dr. Arie W. Kruglanski
University of Maryland
Title: The Closing of the Group's Mind and the Emergence of Group-Centrism

Dr. Lynn Nadel
University of Arizona
Title: The Hippocampus: Maps, Contexts and Memories

Dr. Marc Hauser
Harvard University
Title: Evolution of the Language Faculty: Semantics, Syntax, and Interfaces

Dr. Leslie Greenberg
York University
Title: Emotion in Psychotherapy: The Transforming Power of Affect

Dr. Raymond Dolan
University College London
Title: Emotion, Cognition and Decision Making

2004 - 2005 Lecture Series

Dr. Maggie Bruck
The John Hopkins University
Title: Developmental Forensic Psychology

Dr. Jordan Peterson
University of Toronto
Title: Ontological and Experimental Approaches to Anomaly Processing and Self-Deception

Dr. Paul Gilbert
Kingsway Hospital
Title: The Dark Side of Competition: Shame, Defeat and Self-Hatred

Dr. Jamshed Bharucha
Tufts University
Title: The Cognitive Nature of Music

2003 - 2004 Lecture Series

Dr. Gregory Ashby
University of California
Title: Multiple Systems of Human Category Learning

Dr. John Cacioppo
University of Chicago
Title: Living an Isolated Existence in a Changing Social World

Dr. Mike Gazzaniga
Dartmouth College
Title: Distributed Cortical Networks and Conscious Experience

Dr. Bernard Balleine
University of California Los Angeles
Title: Prefrontal-striatal Circuits and Instrumental Conditioning

2002 - 2003 Lecture Series

Dr. Neil Macrae
Dartmouth College
Title: Categorical Person Perception: Hairy Jeeps & Passive Lingerie

Dr. Noam Sobel
University of California at Berkeley
Title: The World Smells Different to Each Nostril: An fMRI & Psychophysical Study of Olfaction

Dr. Lewis R. Goldberg
Oregon Research Institute
Title: Five Will Get You Ten: Mapping Personality Trait Structure

Dr. Frans B. M. de Waal
Emory University
Title: On the Possibility of Animal Empathy

Dr. Charles Gross
Princeton University
Title: On the Possibility of Animal Empathy

Dr. Yadin Dudai
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Title: How Robust is the Engram? Process and Mechaninsms of Memory Extinction in the Brain

2001 - 2002 Lecture Series

Dr. Dachher Keltner
University of California at Berkeley
Title: Just Teasing: The Perils and Pleasures of Playful Provocation

Dr. Daniel Wegner
Harvard University
Title: The Illusion of Conscious Will

Dr. Susan Resnick
National Institute of Aging
Title: Estrogen and Cognition in Older Women: Evidence from Clinical and Imaging Studies

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton
University of Toronto
Title: Contrastive Backpropagation

2000 - 2001 Lecture Series

Dr. Sandra Trehub
University of Toronto at Mississauga
Title: Music: Auditory Cheesecake or Bread?

Dr. Ray Blanchard
Clarke Institute
Title: Fraternal Birth Order and the Maternal Immune Hypothesis of Male Homosexuality

Dr. Lyn Abramson
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Cognitive Vulnerability and Invulnerability to Depression

Dr. Michela Gallagher
The John Hopkins University
Title: Neurobiology of the Aging Brain and Cognition

Dr. Ursula Bellugi
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Title: Towards Linking Cognition, Brain & Gene: Evidence from Williams Syndrome

1999 - 2000 Lecture Series

Dr. Stuart Anstis
University of California at San Diego
Title: Illusory Motions

Dr. Susan Andersen
New York University
Title: The Entangled Self: An Interpersonal Social-Cognitive Model

Dr. Anthony Grace
University of Pittsburgh
Title: Developmental Disruption of the Limbic System

Dr. Charles Super
University of Connecticut
Title: NA

Dr. Alfonso Caramazza
Harvard University
Title: Categories and the Brain

1997 - 1998 Lecture Series

Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser
The Ohio State University
Title: Stress, Personal Relationships and Immune Function: Health Implications

Dr. Jeff Elman
University of California at San Diego
Title: Rethinking Innateness: A Connectionist Perspective on Development

Dr. Trevor W. Robbins
University of Cambridge
Title: Executive Functions and Fronto-Striatal Systems of the Brain: Implications for Neuropsychiartry

Dr. Raymond C. Rosen
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Title: Drugs and Desire: The New Sexual Pharmacology

Dr. Claude Steele
Stanford University
Title: A Threat in the Air: How Stereotypes Shape Intellectual Identity and Performance


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