Hebb Lecture Series

The D.O. Hebb Lecture Series was initiated in 1989 in memory of Hebb’s contribution to the science of behavior. Invited speakers of the D.O. Lecture series are scientists who have made distinguished empirical contributions to basic research in all areas of psychology. It is currently made possible by the generous support of the D.O. Hebb Endowment Memorial Fund.

Most speakers also deliver an informal seminar held in the morning.

January 26, 2024 at 3:30pm
McIntyre Medical Building, Room 522

Deborah Bandalos, PhD
Department of Psychology, James Madison University

Item Writing Guidelines in Psychological Science: Fact or Fiction?

Abstract: Research results are only as valid as the measures on which they are based. In the psychological sciences, acknowledgement of this truism has led to the creation of an array of guidelines for writing effective self-report scales. However, there is surprisingly little empirical research on these guidelines’ effects on the reliability and validity of the resulting measures. In this talk I will review the extant research on guidelines regarding the inclusion of negatively keyed items, the effects of item order, and the labeling of scale response options.

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