Brownbag Talk Series

Department areas organize informal seminar series annually. The information about talks is below.

CRAM (Cognitive Research at McGill)

Time and Location: 2001 McGill College, Room 735, 11:45am to 12:45pm

January 26, March 23 and April 13, 2018: the CRAM is replaced by a Hebb lecture.
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January 12, 2018 Grad Data Blitz
Naomi Vingron (Titone lab)
Kevin da Silva Castanheira (Otto lab)
Mehrgol Tiv (Titone lab)
Naomi: What The Eyes Tell Us About
How Bilinguals Encode Linguistic Landscapes

Kevin: Confidence in Risky Value-Based Choice
Mehrgol: Using Eye Tracking to ‘Figure Out’
Verb Particle Construction Reading in L1 and L2
January 19, 2018 Grad Data Blitz
Todd Vogel (Roy lab)
Lauri Gurguryan (Sheldon lab)
Paulie Palma (Titone lab)
Todd:  The effects of reward on the trade-off
between task performance and pain perception

Lauri:  Pushing boundaries: The effect of
boundaries on temporal memory

Paulie: Cross-language lexical ambiguity
processing during bilingual reading:
an eye-tracking study
January 26, 2018 Hebb Lecture
Steven Hollon
Vanderbilt University
February 2, 2018 No CRAM  
February 9, 2018 Marc Pell
McGill University SCSD
Communicating emotion and interpersonal
stance through tone of voice
February 16, 2018 Carl Falk
McGill Psychology
A Method for Modeling Response Styles
on Likert-Type Items
February 23, 2018 Nathan Spreng
McGill University
Neurology and Neurosurgery

Network Dynamics and Neurocognitive Aging
March 2, 2018 Meredith Young
McGill University
Faculty of Medicine
Cognition in Applied Settings:
Theories of Categorization
and Medical Diagnosis
March 9, 2018 Reading Week  
March 16, 2018 No CRAM  
March 23, 2018 Hebb Lecture
Wendy Berry Mendes
University of California,
Santa Barbara
March 30, 2018 Holiday  
April 6, 2018 Cristian Zaelzer
Convergence Initiative
A Science-Art Reunification:
Using the Brain to Speak about Science

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Quantitative Brownbag Series

The quantitative psychology brown bag series intends to serve as an informal forum to promote recent technical developments in quantitative psychology and other related disciplines and to discuss methodological issues that substantive researchers may encounter in their research.

Fall 2016
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

          Date          Presenter                                            Title           Affiliation

Winter 2017
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

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Sept 22, 2017 Debra Titone
Department of Psychology
McGill University

Eye Movement Studies of Reading in Bilinguals
Sept 29, 2017 Floris Van Vugt
Post-Doctoral Fellow
McGill Psychology

Learning Novel Sensorimotor Maps
Oct 6, 2017 Francesca Capozzi
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Department of Psychology
McGill University

As many as you can: Social attention in groups
and multi-agent contexts
Oct 13, 2017 Hebb Lecture
Frances Aboud
Professor Emerita
Department of Psychology
McGill University

The McGill Ethiopia Salt Project: effects of iodizing salt
on children’s cognitive functioning
Oct 20, 2017 No Talk Scheduled  
Oct 27, 2017 Tom Shultz
Psychology Department
McGill University

Understanding the spread of innovation in wild birds:
the importance of undecided states
Nov 3, 2017 Mathieu Roy
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
McGill University

Pain’s impact on attention, learning, and decision-making
Nov 10, 2017 Rosemary Bagot
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
McGill University

Neural circuits of resilience and susceptibility
Nov 17, 2017 Nida Latif
Post-Doctoral Fellow
McGill Psychology
Something in the way we move:
Movement coordination during
conversational interaction
Nov 24, 2017 Macnamara Lecture
Susan Pinker
Journalist & Psychologist

The Village Effect: Why Face to Face Contact Matters
Dec 1, 2017 Sarah Racine
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
McGill University

Emotion Regulation and Eating Disorders:
A Transdiagnostic Perspective
Dec 8, 2017 Ross Otto
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
McGill University

The Interplay between Prediction Errors,
Twitter Mood, and Real World Gambling